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""What are your orders, father?""
""I'm larger than life! I'm gonna rock this city!""
―Goldenrod upon being grown.[src]

Goldenrod was a gold Cyborg. He served as the (sort of) titular main antagonist in the episode "Golden Boy." He was also the son of Zeltrax.


Goldenrod was Zeltrax's son and was created from his DNA by accident when Zeltrax used the Geno-Randomizer on himself. There is no physical proof of the two being related besides this incident. Goldenrod was sent to take out Tommy Oliver but proved unsuccessful. Goldenrod attacked Tommy and Trent in the car. But the other Rangers showed up and stopped him. Zeltrax used the Geno-Randomizer to make Goldenrod stronger and the two attacked City Hall. He fought against the Power Rangers again and even grew to an enormous size, succeeding in taking down the Thundersaurus Megazord. Eventually, he was destroyed by the Black Dino Ranger's Brachio Staff, giving Zeltrax another reason to hate Tommy Oliver. After Zeltrax's destruction by the Power Rangers, it's implied that he and Goldenrod are reunited in the afterlife.


Goldenrod is a determined and headstrong individual. He was highly loyal to his father Zeltrax and was shown to  genuinely care about him.


Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength-Being the "son" of one of the central villains, Goldenrod is a very strong monster as he knocked Conner back with a single swing kick and was able to knock back the Thundersaurs Megazord with a single jump kick to the Tyranno Zord's mouth.
  • Superhuman Resistance: Goldenrod is very resistant to the attacks of the enemies to the point of basically shrugging off a jump strike right across his chest from Conner's Thundermax Sabre.
  • Superhuman Speed: Goldenrod can use his speed to reach a car going 50 miles an hour.
  • Energy Rays: -Goldenrod can shoot energy rays that can explode.
  • Self-Grow: Goldenrod can grow without Hydro-Regenerator. He can accomplish this by jumping up and turning into a golden sparkle before arriving in the city giant.


  • Double Edged Spear.Goldnrod's main weapon was an enormous spear with a blade on either end of it that he can use in battle.
  • Forearm Knives-Goldenrod has large yellow knives coming out of his elbows that he can cut and slash his enemies with.

Behind the Scenes



  • Goldenrod is the first monster that has relation to one of the villains.
  • Because Zeltrax is his father This makes him a Cyborg which means he is the first monster to be half human half machine.
  • Goldenrod is the 2nd monster shown to to have a "parent." The first was Termitus with Mamamite .
    • However, he does not have the same distinction as his parent was a main villain as opposed to the monster of the week.
  • All scenes of Goldenrod human sized are exclusively filmed for America as his counterpart was always displayed as a giant.
    • The shot of Goldenrod turning giant via that golden energy ball was just him teleporting into battle in the original Sentai episode.
  • Another difference from Abaranger is that his counterpart fought against Dysotron's counterpart too to impress the city and give them a false saviour other than the Abarangers.
  • The reason this was changed was both because Goldenrod had yet to be created and also because this would make no sense for a villain to attack another.

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