Icon-zeo.pngThis article is about a/an morpher and weapon in Power Rangers Zeo, the second season in the Zordon Era.

The Golden Power Staff is firstly and mainly used by Trey of Triforia and, later, for a brief period of time following Trey of Triforia's seperation into three separate personalities, Jason as both a Morpher and primary weapon. Aside from being the source of the Gold Ranger Powers, it had the ability to fire energy attacks, and could be used as a blunt weapon or a bladed weapon when extended. The Staff could even transfer the Gold Ranger power itself to other individuals. Its one end has the Kanji for king : 王 (Oh).

The attack that the Gold Ranger uses with the Staff has no official name, but the Gold Ranger often prefaces it with "It's time for a gold rush!".

Jason eventually relinquished the Staff to Trey, who continued to operate elsewhere in the galaxy as the Gold Ranger.

The Golden Power Staff allows Trey to enlarge himself and the other Zeo Rangers to fight an enlarged King Mondo.

Alternative to the Golden Power Staff, the Super Mega Rangers used Legendary Ranger Keys provided by Gosei to assume the corresponding Ranger forms as a Legendary Ranger Mode.

Morphing Sequence


Power Rangers Zeo - Gold Ranger Morph

Though Trey was never seen morphing, Jason was shown to morph in much the same way as the Aquitians; usually without holding the Staff, he would call out “It's Morphin Time!", then do a series of arm movements before crossing his arms in an "X" shape; during the actual morphing sequence he says "Gold Ranger Power!” before performing a set of two arm movements and then throwing his arms down before the suit materializes. 


  • In Saban-produced footage, the Golden Power Staff was always seen with its ornamental hilt slid downwards. In one instance of Ohranger footage, the ornament (in fact a bladed edge used for attacking) sliding down was used to signal the use of an upcoming attack, while the ornament in its topmost position was used to represent the weapon at rest.
  • The Sentai counterpart of the Gold Ranger used a Zeonizer similar to the other Ohrangers; the King Stick was only used as a weapon. The toy version of the Gold Ranger's Zeonizer was released in the Power Rangers Zeo toyline however.
  • This is the first Morpher to not be the exact same as the main team's Morphers (in this case the Zeonizers). The only two Sixth Ranger Morphers before this (the Green and White Power Morphers) were the exact same as the main team's.


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