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Golden Opportunity is the fourteenth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 and thirty-eighth episode overall. This episode features the debut of Nate's parents and Robo-Roxy's Flower Form.


Nate is reunited with his do-gooder parents, who offer him a compelling and difficult choice.


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  • It seems Nate and Steel are still using the Beast-X Morphers instead of the Striker Morphers during the first fight.
  • Nate calls for the Wrecker Runway, Steel announces the Jet Zord Collider Crash finisher, and then the editor suddenly cuts to the runway already engaged and snagging Clawdrone despite having no time to engage.


  • Megan was mentioned by Zoey in this episode.
  • This is the only episode in either series to feature Evox but not have him play a signficant role in the episode since he only oversees the creation of Clawtron and Flower Robo-Roxy.
  • Kuwagataloid (Clawtron's Sentai counterpart) is the final Metaloid and KuwagataZord (Clawdrone's Sentai counterpart) is the final MegaZord Beta in Go-Busters.
  • This episode is similar to both "Song Sung Yellow" from Power Rangers Zeo and "Ranger Yellow" from Power Rangers RPM.  Both have Rangers who are torn between their teams and a change in lifestyle that would require them to leave the team.  The latter also has a visit from a Ranger's parents.

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