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Golden Opportunity is the fourteenth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 and thirty-eighth episode overall. This episode features the debut of Nate's parents and Robo-Roxy's Flower Form.


Nate is reunited with his do-gooder parents, who offer him a compelling and difficult choice.


Outside of Riptide Gym, Nate is waiting anxiously for his parents to arrive, whom he has not seen in four months. After Zoey manages to calm Nate down, his parents finally arrive by taxi. Nate introduces his parents to both Zoey and Steel, although they are still trying to process that a Beast Bot is their new son. Nate has Zoey take Steel back to Grid Battleforce for a maintenance check, just as Ben and Betty arrive to take their luggage to their hotel room, only for the two to lose it on the ride as they failed to secure the luggage. As Nate catches up with his parents, he is disappointed to learn that they are not coming back home to Coral Harbor, but instead, they are going on a new assignment. To make things more complicated, they are leaving the following day, upsetting Nate as he feels they are leaving him again. Nate’s parents agree that being away from him has been tough, and offer to come along on their two-year trip to Costa Rica. Although Nate is excited at the proposal, he does not say a yes as he has Ranger duties to adhere to, only telling his parents that the situation for him is complicated.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Nate tells everybody about his parent’s offer but says he cannot go with them due to his responsibilities as both a scientist and a Power Ranger. However, Steel tells Nate that he cannot pass up this chance, with Zoey backing him up as she knows that Nate’s dream has always been to be with his parents. Devon reassures Nate that they can survive without him as the latter already created most of their gear, and Ravi felt it would only be a matter of time before they destroy Evox. Commander Shaw tells Nate that if wants to go with his parents, he can teach the others how to do most of his work such as leaving Devon with weapon maintenance, Ravi with Zord maintenance, Steel learning how to collect DNA samples, and Meghan becoming the new head scientist with Zoey offering to help the former out. Feeling confident about this, Nate decides to go and join his parents on their two-year trip, leaving to pack his bags. As he leaves, Steel reassures Zoey that everything will be okay.

In the downtown area, Nate teaches Steel how to use the DNA scanner by collecting the DNA of both a flower and a beetle. The two then talk about how hard it would be to be separated, but Steel remarks that he heard that Zoey has a brother who is in another state for college, and they are still close. Suddenly, Robo-Roxy teleports in and attacks the two before morphing, just as Nate calls for backup before he and Steel morph. The two manage to hold their own against Robo-Roxy, but they soon get overwhelmed until a morphed Devon and Zoey arrive to help them. However, even with it being four against one, Robo-Roxy still manages to hold her own, forcing Devon and Zoey to go into Beast-X Mode. The two attack Robo-Roxy with a Cheetah Charge and Jackrabbit Spin Strike, but the former dodges their attack before they connect. Taking notice of the DNA scanner on the bench, Robo-Roxy steals it and teleports away. Just then, Ravi arrives late, revealing that he got stuck under the Wheeler Zord while performing maintenance on it.

The next day, Zoey manages to create a new DNA scanner while Nate finds stories about his parents and how they come to help people in need. Nate tells Zoey that it will be hard being separated from her, but the latter says that she can wait for him and suggest video chatting while he is in Costa Rica. Nate’s parents arrive to pick him up, while Ben and Betty reveal their newest invention, homing luggage. However, the experiment goes haywire as the moving suitcases explode on contact, spilling clothing everywhere.

In the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle uses the beetle DNA from the scanner to create Clawtron inside the Robo Maker, a Robotron that is half organic and half robotic. Seeing that the DNA Fusion process worked, Robo-Roxy goes into the Robo Maker to mix in the second DNA with her robot form, in hopes she gains more power. What they do not know is that the other DNA was the flower, and once Robo-Roxy steps outside, she reveals her new Flower Form to everybody. Although Robo-Blaze mocks her new appearance, Robo-Roxy warns him not to test her. Before a fight could break out, Evox orders Robo-Roxy and Clawtron to attack Coral Harbor.

As Nate and his parents leave for the airport, Zoey continues to work on the new DNA Scanner, but a mistake sparks the motherboard and shorts out the transport case in reaction. Devon arrives to announce a Robotron attack, and they find Clawrtron attacking civilians, while Robo-Roxy reveals her new Flower Form to them, leaving the Rangers to realize that she used the DNA Scanner on herself. Although the Rangers try to summon their Morphers, they find out that the transport system is down due to the earlier shortage, meaning they cannot morph or summon their weapons. Commander Shaw warns the Rangers about this, and Nate, who has arrived at the airport, overhears the conversation. Nate tells his parents that he needs to do something quickly before they fly off, and orders Cruise to meet at his location.

Meanwhile, the Rangers try their best fighting Robo-Roxy and Clawtron unmorphed, but they get tossed around. Suddenly, Nate arrives on Cruise, having collected all the Morphers and weapons they need in the fight. Now having their Morphers armed, the five Rangers morph, just as Commander Shaw informs them of an incoming Gigadrone. Steel leaves for the Jet Zord and fights against Clawdrone, as the others fight against Robo-Roxy and Clawtron. Cruise tosses Devon his Beast-X Visor, allowing the latter to go into Beast-X Mode, and he initiates a Cheetah Charge with Nate riding on top of him. Nate slashes at Clawtron with a Striker Slash, destroying the Robotron, and they go off to help Steel, who is fighting against Clawdrone in Scarab Mode. Nate transforms the Wrecker Zord into its Battle Mode, while Devon arrives in the Racer Zord riding the Beast-X King Zord in Vehicle Mode. With the extra help, they overwhelm Clawdrone before Nate and Steel destroy it with the Jet Zord Collider Crash. Meanwhile, Ravi and Zoey manage to push back Robo-Roxy, and Devon returns with the Beast-X King Ultra Cannon. He, Nate, and Steel fire at Robo-Roxy, forcing the latter retreat.

Once the Rangers demorph, Steel tells Nate that Evox is now using the stolen DNA scanner, but while the Rangers try to undersell Nate’s involvement in the battle, they admit that they are lost without him, and Devon could not fathom what might have happened if he did not arrive to help them. The Rangers do not want Nate to leave, but the latter realizes that he needs to get to his plane now. Just as the Rangers arrive at the airport, Nate tells his parents that although he wants to be with them, Grid Battleforce needs him to help protect Coral Harbor from Evox. His parents understand this as he had to make a hard choice in the matter, with Nate now realizing that their decision to leave him was always hard for them and they were only trying to save people. The Silva’s leave after saying goodbye to both Nate and Steel, with the two leaving with their Ranger family.



  • It seems Nate and Steel are still using the Beast-X Morphers instead of the Striker Morphers during the first fight.
  • Nate calls for the Wrecker Runway, Steel announces the Jet Zord Collider Crash finisher, and then the editor suddenly cuts to the runway already engaged and snagging Clawdrone despite having no time to engage.
  • When Steel was piloting the Jet Zord, the cockpit can be briefly seen as the Beast-X King Zord.


  • Megan was mentioned by Zoey in this episode.
  • This is the only episode in either series to feature Evox but not have him play a significant role in the episode since he only oversees the creation of Clawtron and Flower Robo-Roxy.
  • Kuwagataloid (Clawtron's Sentai counterpart) is the final Metaloid and KuwagataZord (Clawdrone's Sentai counterpart) is the final MegaZord Beta in Go-Busters.
  • This episode is similar to both "Song Sung Yellow" from Power Rangers Zeo and "Ranger Yellow" from Power Rangers RPM. Both have Rangers who are torn between their teams and a change in lifestyle that would require them to leave the team. The latter also has a visit from a Ranger's parents.

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