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―Goldar's first word when saying Rita's first takeover plot was a good idea.[src]

"You fools...are finished!!"
―Goldar's most famous line after having severely shaken up the Megazord.[src]

"This isn't over! I'll be back!"
―Goldar retreating from his first ever battle against the Rangers.[src]

"Greetings Power Rangers! I just thought I’d stop by and say hello. Ha ha ha ha ha! Before I say goodbye forever! Its been nice knowin' ya!"
―Goldar gloating to the Power Rangers after seemingly destroyed the Megazord and Dragonzord with his Zord Cyclopsis.[src]

"I have returned! Who is it that has given me new life?"
―Goldar upon being revived by Scrozzle.[src]

―Goldar to all 14 Rangers after the Putties, Vivix, Triptoids and Tronics were destroyed and his final words before his ultimate death.[src]

Goldar was the most powerful warrior of the Evil Space Aliens who served under the command of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd.

Goldar serves as the main antagonist of the episodes "Day of the Dumpster", "A Pressing Engagement", "Green With Evil parts I, II and III", "Doomsday", "Crystal of Nightmares," "A Pig Surprise," "Return of an Old Friend," and "Grid Connection." Goldar also serves as the overarching main antagonist of the episodes "A Star Is Born", "The Ninja Encounter," and Mirror of Regret."

Goldar was also adapted into the alternative canon BOOM! Studios comics in which he gains the alternate form of the Dark Yellow Ranger for Lord Zedd's Dark Rangers in a split timeline.



Goldar and Silverback.

Goldar and his older brother Silverback were the elite warriors who served Lord Zedd and had earned many victories in his name, his race was given a new armored piece for each victory, his brother Silverback was considered as their greatest fighter with Goldar a close second. One day after another victory over a resistance planet, Zedd's emissary arrived and told Goldar and Silverback that he wished to see them. By this point the two brothers started to believe that Zedd had become weak and questioned his decisions after his incident with the Zeo Crystal, but Goldar decided to maintain his respect towards Zedd unlike his brother who was growing impatient.

After Silverback told Zedd that he would rather work for Dark Specter than join Rita Repulsa in her fight against Zordon, Zedd mortally wounded Silverback with a massive red energy blast from his staff and had Goldar execute him for his treachery with his own sword through beheading, after this painful act Goldar agreed to join the Evil Space Aliens in their fight against Zordon. Goldar and the rest of Rita's team were then sealed in a dumpster by Zordon at some point. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2016 Annual

Early Days

Goldar and the Putty Patrollers invade Angel Grove.

10,000 years later, two astronauts accidentally released the Evil Space Aliens who reclaim their Moon Palace as their base and quickly unleash their Putty Patrollers on Zordon's new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Meanwhile, Goldar led his Empress' very first invasion against the Earth. However, he soon faces the Power Rangers who wipe the floor with his Putties until Rita makes him grow giant and he starts to rampage so the Power Rangers summon their Dinozords and form Tank Mode. He blasts them with fire but it is only shaken up and they quickly blast him with it's cannons and form the Dino Megazord in Battle Mode. However, Goldar immediately jumps into the air and smackes it in the chest before slashing it down the front though it then twists him around in a big circle and deflects a slash before punching him in the gut. Though the punch knocks it back as well, Goldar is unfazed and double slashes it only for a third to be blocked and he gets punched in the face hard enough to go down. However, as Billy points out, Goldar isn't even winded and immediately jumps in the air to knock back the Megazord with a devastating double kick to the chest. Though the Megazord deflects a slash and then dodges a second, it takes a hard kick to the gut which shakes up the cockpit and leads Goldar to declare premature victory. Luckily, Jason summons the Power Sword which scares Goldar enough to retreat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Day of the Dumpster

As part of a plan to divide and conquer the Rangers with a monster, Goldar sends a platoon to attack Kimberly and Trini at a recycling plant. Once this failed, he personally leads an attack on the two girls by the Putties whilst the males attackes the Mighty Minotaur. They are initially overwhelmed by the Putties until the Mighty Minotaur is grown so they summon the Dinozords, Kimberly using her Pterodactyl Dinozord's laser cannons to defeat the Putties, forcing Goldar to withdraw. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Teamwork

Rita develops a scheme to use King Sphinx's wind power to blow away four of the Rangers and destroy Jason with Goldar and the monster. Goldar arrives very abruptly in the fight, when Jason and Sphinx are at a stalemate in the fight, and turned the tide with fire blasts before Rita make them grow. They blast Jason down several times but he manages to get the newly sent Power Crystals to summon the other Rangers. Fortunately, despite King Sphinx blasting him, Jason is able to retrieve a bag filled with the new Power Crystals and use them to teleport the other Rangers in before he summons the Dinozords. Forming Tank Mode, they blast the two villains but they are unfazed and blast the formation with devastating force so they have to enter Battle Mode. Goldar and King Sphinx are smacked aside with Goldar getting punched back twice and Sphinx punched away. Goldar recovers and double slashes the Megazord and, though they are able to duck a swing that would have decapitated the formation, something goes wrong and they have to form Tank Mode to recover. Unfortunately for Goldar and King Sphinx, they ram down the two of them and blast them with the Cranial Laser. This apparently hurts Goldar badly enough to take him out of the fight since King Sphinx does all of the fighting from here onwards and is swiftly slain by the Power Sword. Alone and severely outgunned, Goldar is forced to retreat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Pressing Engagement

Goldar accompanies Rita, Squatt, Baboo and Finster to a cave where the Power Eggs are and later accompanies Squatt and Baboo as they carry the chest containing the Power Eggs after Maria and the Chunky Chicken monster retrieve them. He loses then when he and the idiots are hit by the Blade Blaster Tower Formation and fights Kimberly and Trini only to be unexpectedly at the warehouse district where he watches Maria get freed and the Megazord destroy the Chunky Chicken. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Big Sisters

Green With Evil

Much later, after making Tommy Oliver into her evil Green Ranger, Rita desires to lure the Power Rangers into a trap and uses her magic wand to grow her top henchman, Goldar, to giant-size. The Power Rangers, seeing this in the Viewing Globe, morph into action to confront him. After a brief battle with some Putties, the Rangers summon their Dinozords, form the Megazord, and summon the Power Sword to battle Goldar. Suddenly, Goldar disappears and Tommy invades their cockpit and defeats them before leaving after a show of force. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Out of Control

Later, Goldar confronts Jason in Rita's Dark Dimension after Tommy captures him and nearly kills the Red Ranger several times over before being forced to leave by Tommy's arrival who Rita has ordered to kill Jason. Later, after Jason is teleported to safety, Goldar appears via voiceover to tell Tommy that he will remain there until further notice for his failure. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Rescue

With the Megazord proving problematic for the Green Ranger, Rita plans an eclipse to weaken it enough for it to be annihilated so enlarges Goldar and has him go on a rampage. As Goldar rampages through Angel Grove, he sees Bulk and Skull in a bus and picks them up before marching to the beach and forcing the Rangers to respond. The Rangers chase after Goldar, who has put the bus on a cliff, with Squatt, Babboo, and the Putties pushing it toward the edge, while Bulk and Skull are helplessly trapped inside. The Rangers finally summon their Dinozords and form the Megazord. Just as the bus is pushed over the edge, the Megazord catches it and puts it back on the cliff in safely. The Megazord then battles with Goldar on the beach when suddenly, Rita's solar eclipse begins, and the Megazord begins to lose power. Despite this, the Megazord manages to gain the upper hand on Goldar, knocking him to the ground. On seeing this, Rita sent her newly reawakened minion (and Goldar's old battle partner) Scorpina into battle and grows her into a giant, hideous scorpion monster. The Megazord is severely weakened by the combined power of Goldar and Scorpina and the loss of its solar energy is enough that Goldar is able to jump kick the Megazord to the ground as the eclipse reaches its zenith. Jason calls on the Power Sword for an energy boost and the Megazord gets back on its feet and reclaims the advantage on Goldar and Scorpina. However, Rita then summons the Green Ranger (who has been captured during a second attack on the Command Center) and enlarges him too. Together, all three villains beat down the Megazord and Tommy and Goldar's combined sword blasts cripple the Megazord which plunges to its apparent doom in a cavern full of lava. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Eclipsing Megazord

In light of thier victory, Rita and her minions throw a party in celebrating thier ultimate victory. However, Zordon (having been banished earluer by Tommy) returns and brings the Zords back which allow them to defeat the newly reawakened Dragonzord. Jason then manages to destroy the Sword of Darkness and return Tommy to the side of good where he then joins the Rangers as their Sixth Ranger.

Goldar teames up with the Spidertron very briefly, blasting down the Rangers with fire but is stopped by Zack's Blade Blaster before the monster is enlarged and he left. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Itsy Bitsy Spider

After transforming Kimberly's grandmother's spinning wheel into the Wheel of Misfortune, Rita sent Goldar and Scorpina down to Earth in order to grow. The individual Zords are no match, Goldar netting up the Tyrannosaurus and energy blasts from Scorpina prevents the other Zords from interfering before they cut it down. Luckily, Tommy breaks free and blastes them down with the Dragonzord's missile barrage before freeing the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. Midway through the Zord fight, the Wheel arrives and manages to put up a solid fight, even giving the Megazord trouble. It is ultimately destroyed when the Megazord combined with the Dragonzord and Titanus to form the Dino Ultrazord in a last-ditch effort for victory, prompting the other villains to retreat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Wheel of Misfortune

After Scorpina gets the Mirror of Destruction and Rita enlarges her, giant Goldar pops up and restraines the Megazord, forcing the Rangers to cover their eyes before forcing Goldar in front of it. Scorpina discardes it to save her partner so Jason summons the Power Sword and obliterates it with an energy slash, making Goldar and Scorpina withdraw. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Rockstar

Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo accompany the Samurai Fan Man to a cafe where the Rangers confront the quartet just to be blown away by the monster. He is later enlarged with the Fan Man so Tommy calls on the Dragonzord, which combines with the other Zords to form the Dragonzord Battle Mode. The battle continues to go poorly, with their best efforts only pushing Goldar back a bit (before taking some hits of their own). Luckily, they begin to turn the tide when they summon the Power Staff managed to cut the monster's gourd loose with a stab from the Power Staff, freeing Kimberly who summons her Pterodactyl Dinozord so Jason, knowing that they need more power, has the team form the Megazord. They call on the Power Sword, breaking the Samurai Fan Man's lance, but he then blows both the Megazord and Dragonzord away simultaneously with his fan, which are stopped by a nearby mountainside. Goldar orders the Fan Man to destroy them but the Rangers recover and call on Titanus to form the Ultrazord, which is able to destroy the monster which forces an angry Goldar to retreat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Calamity Kimberly

With Rita feeling very under the weather, Goldar decides to mastermind an attempt on the Rangers' lives. After Scorpina traps the Rangers with her Weaveworm monster, go down to Earth with the Babe Ruthless monster and all three make themselves grow at will and attack the city but the Rangers escapes the cocoon with thier sidearms and summon their Zords. Whilst Scorpina and Goldar take on the Tyrannosaurus, Babe Ruthless takes on the other four Zords. Though the Rangers take a pounding, Tommy manages to leave a karate commercial audition and summons the Dragonzord. The Rangers then form Dragonzord Battle Mode which Babe fights personally whilst Scorpina and Goldar fight the Tyrannosaurus but all three are overwhelmed. Once the Power Staff kills Babe Ruthless, Scorpina returns to human size, Goldar returns to the Moon Palace. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Star is Born

During Rita's schemes with the Green Candle, Goldar guards the mystical item and is confronted by Jason whilst the Cyclops monster keeps Tommy busy. He defeats Jason easily and easily holds him back from the candle until they have to retreat and form the Ultrazord to destroy the Cyclops. Although the villains succeed and drain away Tommy's powers, Jason takes his powers and both the Dragon Dagger, Dragon Shield, and Dragonzord for his own use which prevents Rita from recovering them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Green Candle

It is Goldar's idea to plant the Hatchasaurus egg to destroy the Power Rangers but this scheme ultimately fails miserably. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Birds of a Feather

Goldar and Scorpina go down to Earth to aid the Polluticorn when he attacks the Power Rangers but he refuses thier help and easily forces the Rangers to retreat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Clean-Up Club


In perhaps Goldar's most notable appearance, which occured on Power Rangers Day, Rita hatched her biggest scheme yet: bring her Moon Palace to Earth, greatly increasing her power, and call on the long-dormant war Zord Cyclopsis to defeat the Power Rangers once and for all. Shortly thereafter, as Rita lands her palace in the heart of downtown Angel Grove, everyone in the city (apart from the Rangers) is transported to Rita's dark dimension.

Very soon after that, erupted from underground which Alpha and Zordon detected but Goldar entered it and went on a rampage before they could act. The Rangers arrived in their Megazord but it was far too strong and easily bashed them around so they called the Dragonzord. Unfortunately, neither its missile attack nor its tail could faze the Zord and both took a thrashing. The Megazord tried to advance but was picked up with its telekinesis and thrown down so they formed Dragonzord Battle Mode. However, the Tyrannosaurus had its finishing breath attack pushed back at it and went down before the Dragonzord Battle Mode fired forth its head fin only to have it thrown back. Cyclopsis then knocked the two down with a barrage of missiles and electrocuted by the War Zord's extending arm cables. Luckily, Zordon summoned Titanus who blasted the Zord back, releasing its hands, and the Rangers formed the Ultrazord. The Zord's strong armor was no match for its barrage and Goldar had to flee before it exploded but its head managed to remain intact.

Although the Rangers thought that it was destroyed, Rita summoned Lokar who reformed it into a stronger version that was now equipped with arm blades although lacking its other abilities. The Megazord and Dragonzord deployed again but Cyclops easily cleaved off the Megazord's right arm and the Dragonzord's tail. Rita then blasted them into apparent oblivion although it was soon revealed that they had actually teleported back to their hiding places.

Following a failed attack on the Power Rangers with the Putty Patrol, in which they escaped using their Communicators which Rita had previously been blocking, Goldar returned to Cyclopsis and went on a rampage. After linking to Rita Repulsa's computer systems while her Palace was on Earth, Alpha discovered that the only weakness in Cyclopsis was that its systems needed to adjust to compensate for battle with a new opponent, and too many changes in the enemy would cause it to freeze up and be completely open to attack. With this new strategy, the Rangers once again deployed against the War Zord.

They first attacked with their individual Dinozords, doing a little damage with the Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops Dinozord's tail blasts and the Pterodactyl's laser cannons but it soon overwhelmed the Tyrannosaurus so they formed the Megazord and summoned the Dragonzord. The Power Sword was able to prove a match for the Zord's arm blades, pinning them down so that the Dragonzord could smash them with its tail. With the Zord now basically helpless, they formed the Dragonzord in Battle Mode which thrashed the Zord but was overwhelmed by Lokar's lightning. Crushing a building, Jason called for Titanus and they formed the Ultrazord which vanquished Lokar and destroyed Cyclopsis once and for all. Unfortunately, the War Zord's computer warned Goldar of its imminent demise and he was able to escape. In the process, the entire population of Angel Grove was returned and the Evil Space Aliens were forced to retreat back to the Moon. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Doomsday

Post Doomsday

Whilst the Rangers were held up by the Pudgy Pig, Rita enlarged Goldar to destroy Angel Grove. However, the plan fell apart as Pudgy wasn't truly evil and just hungry so they went to confront Goldar in the city only to be met by a welcoming committee of Putties led by Scorpina. Once the immediate threat was fought off, the Megazord was brought in to deal with Goldar who slashed it down the front though it then twisted him around in a big circle and deflected a slash before punching him in the gut. Though the punch knocked it back as well, Goldar was unfazed and double slashed it only for a third to be blocked and he was punched in the face hard enough to go down. Goldar then grabbed it by the arm just to have his foot stamped and get thrown away as Jason summoned the Power Sword. Unfazed, Goldar charged and took a slash across the front whilst delivering one of his own and delivered another devastating double kick to the chest. He advanced slowly, claiming he wanted revenge for Rita's many defeat but Jason saw a chance to finish him once and for all. Once he got in close enough, they forced a blade lock before energizing their weapon which worried Rita but Goldar was able to teleport out before the finishing slash was able to hit him. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Pig Surprise

When the Rangers went to Billy's uncle's cabin to study for an exam, Goldar planned to use the Crystal of Nightmares to destroy their self-confidence and make them easier to destroy. That night, Goldar puts his plan in motion: the Rangers dream of the worst moments of past battles, and share a nightmare in which Zordon tells them they are no longer deserving of their powers and takes them away. With the Rangers even too scared to answer Zordon on thier communicators, Rita sent down the Putties to finish them off.

Eventually, Jason reacted fast enough to run into the cave. Inside he found Goldar waiting, and although still scared summons the confidence up to fight back. He finally takes his chance and kicks the Crystal of Nightmares, destroying it. Goldar was badly injured by a shockwave from it but cursed Jason and teleported away. With their confidence back, the Rangers now make short work of the Putties. There's no time to celebrate, as Goldar and Scorpina show up and are made to grow by Rita. The Rangers morph and summon the Megazord but were completely overwhelmed by the duo, finally getting knocked down by a devastating double jump kick from Goldar. However, they then summoned the Power Sword and cut them down before unleashing the finisher. Although the duo survived, they were badly injured and had to retreat. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Crystal of Nightmares

After the Dramole captures the parents in Angel Grove on Parent's Day, the monster takes control of Billy to steal the Dragon Dagger who succeeds and gives it to Goldar in the Dark Dimension with Rita's general then going to Angel Grove and reawakening the dormant Dragonzord. The Rangers summon the Megazord to hold the Dragonzord at bay but the former is slammed and severely damaged by the latter. The Rangers leap out of the Megazord in time to confront Goldar who again demands that they give up their Power Coins in order to get their parents back. With no choice but to save their parents' lives, the Rangers, one by one, hand over their Power Coins near the caves outside Angel Grove, placing them inside an ornate treasure box held by Goldar, and are powered down into their human forms. Goldar then reveals that he has no intention of releasing their parents and, with the Power Coins now in his possession, he believes nothing can stop Rita now.

Goldar then reawakens the Dragonzord to finish destroying Angel Grove but Zordon implements his back-up plan; nearly draining himself of his own life force but temporarily restoring Tommy Oliver's Green Ranger powers in the process. The Green Ranger teleports to Goldar's location and confronts him but the beast-warrior merely sends Putties to deal with Tommy and his powers are soon depleted again. Despite putting up a good fight, the unstable nature of Tommy's power begin causing him pain, preventing him from fighting at his best. Seeing Tommy getting weaker, Jason has Alpha boost the power which puts him back in the fight. After a harrowing battle, Tommy manages to retrieve the Dragon Dagger and regain control of the Dragonzord but Rita sends Scorpina to help Goldar destroy the Zord. As giants, the two warriors battled the Dragonzord until they realize that they have left the Rangers' Power Coins unguarded so retreat but Tommy is able to escape with the Coins and eventually helps the Rangers destroy the Dramole. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Return of an Old Friend

When Rita finds the Badges of Darkness after so long, she decides to create her special Mutant Rangers to finally put an end to the Power Rangers. Deciding to use Putties as the source of the Mutant Rangers, she has Goldar put them through a rigorous training regime but the one meant to become the Mutant Ranger fails and sends him back to Finster's workbench to be killed and reused for future Putty moulds.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mighty Morphin' Mutants

Season 2

Goldar and Lord Zedd.

After around a year of activity, Lord Zedd (Rita's master) returned to the Moon and entered his throne room. Goldar eagerly abandoned Rita for his old master, regaining his wings in the process and even sealing her in a dumpster like the one he was once in as well to prove his loyalty. Afterwards, he suggested sending down Rita's ordinary Putty Patrollers but Zedd declared them obsolete and showed off his own Putty Patrollers although these were even easier to defeat than the originals because hitting the massive Z-symbols makes them explode. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Mutiny

After several episodes of doing nothing but standing around, Goldar asked to accompany the Putty Patrol in capturing Trini's neighbor Hallie to show Zedd as the big guy in the room. Goldar and the Putties quickly arrived and kidnapped Hallie whilst proclaiming that this was ultimately just to stick it to the Rangers before they teleported away and taking Hallie to the Venus Island. However, Goldar had managed to lose the bottle in the battle which really angered Zedd and forced him to change his plans. The altered plan amounted to "give me Tommy or I will turn Hallie evil forever" since Zedd still wanted to strip him of his powers. Unfortunately, the Invenusable Flytrap failed to keep the Rangers captive and they rescued her before Zedd could send the Island to the bottom of the ocean. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Welcome to Venus Island

Goldar accompanied Zedd to the Otherworld where he oversaw the Green Crystal in stealing Tommy's remaining powers and Zedd's dressing down of TurbanShell when he left when the Rangers were on the back-foot. Later, TurbanShell was about to finish Tommy off entirely but Goldar made an appearance, having apparently convinced Zedd to at least let him torture his archenemy and told the monster that he would continue torturing Tommy while TurbanShell resumed his destruction of Angel Grove. TurbanShell was hesitant at first and wanted to be the one to finish Tommy, but Goldar threatened him and reminded him of his status as an underling, letting him know that Lord Zedd has other plans for him. TurbanShell continued to attack Angel Grove after Goldar takes over his place. Goldar "welcomed" Tommy as just his civilian identity because he was no longer the Green Ranger and summoned Z-Putties to restrain him whilst he used some form of dimensional remote to project a holographic screen in the sky and torture him with images and reminders of what he once was. This included unseen footage of him and Trini fighting the Invenusable Flytrap, unseen footage of him posing prior to losing his powers, and the Dragonzord emerging from Angel Grove Quay from when he was still under Rita's spell.

This seemed to break Tommy to the point of groveling which delighted Goldar so he tried to make Tommy admit he was superior before he was slain. However, Tommy had been playing along the whole time and went on the attack with his opening attack being a powerful jump punch to the chest and then disarmed the very stunned Goldar. Although Tommy fought hard, he was overwhelmed by the villain's strength and ended up being slapped down and then thrown through the air. Goldar then prepared to finish him off but the time device was kicked out of his hands and caught by Tommy much to his own shock before being chest kicked down. Tommy then revealed that he remained sane because the clips reminded him of that he was such a good person, Ranger or not. When he got back up, Tommy backed off but immediately teleported Goldar back to Lord Zedd much to his confusion and anger. He was later present when Tommy smashed the Green Crystal and freed the Dark Rangers which upset Zedd.

Luckily for Zedd, the inevitable defeat of TurbanShell proved to be a Pyrrhic victory since the Green Crystal was successful in draining Tommy's powers and he lost them for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Green No More

Following his success in stealing Tommy's powers, Lord Zedd got over zealous and decided to drain the remaining Power Rangers' powers. To this end, he sent down Goldar to kidnap them and, although they morphed, he was able to teleport them all away by firing flames at them from his sword. He teleported them to the Dark Dimension where Goldar showed the new versions of the Green Candles and lit them, slowly draining the Rangers' powers. In the meantime, Zedd created Pipebrain to delay or destroy Jason long enough for Zedd to drain away his powers, forcing Jase to overcome his guilt to save his friends. Unfortunately for Zedd, Jason became resolute and defeated Pipebrain with the Red Dragon Thunderzord and arrived in the Dark Dimension.

There were just a few moments remaining for the Candles when Jason arrived much to Goldar's surprise since he had just proclaimed that Jason would be unable to come. Jason's opening attack was a kick but Goldar's sword blocked it and he was sent flying back by a kick to the chest He proclaimed that he'd annihilate them all and make them regret their return but Jason dodged another two sword swings and dived over a third and was kicked back during a third clash just to sweep out Jase's legs from under him. Unfortunately for him, Jason immediately recovered and kicked his sword away from him which caused Goldar to dive at his feet just for Jason to spin into the air and get behind him. Goldar tried to fight back but Jason blocked a swing and grabbed him by the hand though he broke free easily so they clashed one last time. Although Goldar threw him down immediately, Jason sent him flying into the candle holder with a swing kick. This knocked over all four Candles igniting the gas around the room and starting a fire in the Dark Dimension which forced Goldar to flee and allowed Jason to save his friends and escape. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Missing Green

Seeing the Rangers were still depressed about Tommy's lost powers, Lord Zedd saw that Kimberly was a hardest hit and decided to make her his queen to conquer the Earth. As she went to some hack fortune teller called Madam Swampy, Zedd sent down his Putties and Goldar outside Madam Swampy's shop where he proclaimed that he knew her future. She declined and defeated a Putty but he lunged forward and grabbed her. Although she resisted, Goldar sprayed her with golden dust which knocked her out so Goldar and the Putties could teleport her to a cave. When Zordon informed the remaining Power Rangers (bar Jason who was with his uncle at Bass Lake), Zedd used his apparent "favorite tactic" and had some Putties attack Richie and Curtis to force the other Rangers to defend them and delay them to allow Zedd to fully corrupt Kimberly into his bride. This division of the Power Rangers bought enough time for Goldar to put Kimberly in a human version of Rita's outfit. However, whatever was supposed to brainwash her was utterly useless and she just play acted as Rita both to bide time and get some karmic revenge by screaming at him and Squatt and Baboo. After they finished off the Putties, Billy and Trini entered the cave themselves and Kimberly happily went along with them to Goldar's intense anger. Kimberly demanded them to retrieve her Morpher and communicator but Goldar attacked although they kicked him flat on the ground and withdrew to Goldar's horror. Zedd then sent down his Mirror Maniac but he was easily destroyed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Beauty and the Beast

A massive solar storm was on its way to Angel Grove and Zedd knew that this was a once every one hundred years storm and decided to use the increased electricity in the air to manipulate the Earth's polarity and cause doomsday. To this end, he decided to use Billy's special science project called a Polarizer to create a monster to manipulate said polarity and sent down Goldar with the Putty Patrol to steal it. He demanded the Polarizer and sicked the Putties on Billy but he flipped forward three times because physics and double kicked Goldar flat on his back but he immediately recovered and the Putties actually attacked. Goldar remained out of the remainder of the battle and succeeded in stealing the Polarizer which he teleported away with, leaving his flunkies to their doom. The Polarizer was abandoned on a pathway in the Park as Goldar was ordered back to the Moon Palace and Zedd created Magnet Brain from it who messed with the stratosphere.

Presently, Zedd saw Kimberly exposed by the polarity issues alongside the Angel Grove Angelettes and sent down Goldar with the Putties again to take her out. Although she had left because they took a long time to arrive for some reason, they began to terrorize the Angelettes to try and force a response and got one in the form of recently created White Ranger Tommy Oliver. Goldar summoned Putties (despite Zordon earlier saying he already had some) but Tommy easily defeated them and forced Goldar to fight himself. Tommy started their duel by jumping up and then Superman gliding at him and sending him flying with a single glide punch to the chest. However, Goldar summoned more Putties and Tommy was forced to flee temporarily to avoid the Angelettes getting caught in the crossfire. Once he easily dealt with them, he challenged Goldar to single combat who accepted but Tommy blocked two slashes with Saba and jumped over the third before kicking Goldar's sword away. They had a momentary stand-off before Goldar tried to take out Tommy's legs only for him to dive over it and block a bisecting hit from Goldar before shoving it away and forcing Goldar back with two kicks. Goldar came back with three stabs and a slash but Tommy dodged them all before forcing an arm lock though he then broke it. Goldar forced him to backpedal but he fought back and slashed him back with Saba and then further with a kick to the midriff. After Magnet Brain made Jason and Zack's Blade Blasters misfire, Tommy leapt into the air and levitated forward whilst multi-kicking Goldar who swiftly went flying to the ground. Goldar tried to go in for more but two Putties arrived and held him back as he swore revenge in the future before he returned to the Moon Palace in disgrace. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Opposites Attract

On Halloween, Lord Zedd was very happy to see a holiday that he could enjoy and decided that it would be a good time to take out Tommy and leave the Power Rangers so weak that a monster on the same power level as Nimrod could destroy them. To this end, he sent down Putties disguised as children in Power Ranger uniforms who led Tommy away from the other Rangers. Once he was alone, Goldar ambushed him and the Putties revealed themselves and attacked him with Goldar teleporting him to the Haunted Forest even after he defeated the Putties. Unfortunately, even though the Key Monster locked the dimension tight, the Power Rangers entered and saved their friend whilst also defeating the Pumpkin Rapper. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Zedd's Monster Mash

It's the finals for the Ninja Martial Arts Competition and Lord Zedd takes a liking to three cruel dark colored ninjas from Casper City and fancies them as his new evil team of ninjas. By the time that Jacob Anderson has been rescued from a potentially fatal stroller crash, everything is ready and Zedd assigns Goldar the mission of kidnapping the teens although not before they won the competition. However, later that afternoon, they still haven't been kidnapped and Zedd demands to know why. Goldar's responds that they have been defeated in the competition by new Stone Canyon arrivals Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park and Aisha Campbell, Annoyed, Zedd decides to make them his new Dark Rangers instead since they are far more competent and he only needs the best to defeat the Power Rangers. He sent Goldar down who appears just as their teacher, Mr. Anderson, congratulates them for their success outside of the Youth Center and Goldar gives his own congrats before siccing his Putties on them. Although Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly happen to be nearby and easily defeat his Putties, Goldar uses his sword to fire yellow energy streamers made of fire at the quartet. This pulls the Ninja Trio and their teacher Mr Anderson over to him and he teleports away with them as Skull recognizes him from the time he and Bulk encountered Goldar in "Green With Evil" and Bulk does a spit-take. Goldar then takes his captives to the Cave of Despair where they are all chained together like a prison chain gang. Goldar tells them how special they are for being chosen although not before he has to clarify who Lord Zedd is but they refuse to join. Goldar of course retorts that this isn't something that they can choose not or not to do and gives them more time to mull over their decisions before teleporting and leaving them in the guard of his Putties. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Ninja Encounter-part I

Goldar reports back to Lord Zedd and tells him that he needs more time to break them which Zedd rebuts since it is only a matter of time until the Rangers find them. Goldar reminds him how strong they are so Zedd decides to distract the Power Rangers with a toxic monster before using his telescopic vision to spy out some blossom trees. Using his magic, Zedd throws up quite a lot of wind which tosses some flowers off of the trees he creates his Terror Blossom monster from the fallen petals. Goldar later returns to the Cave of Despair to find the ninjas have escaped using a hairpin from Aisha and have easily defeated the Putties. Unfortunately, Goldar easily uses fire from his sword to restrain them in an inescapable chain as the last three Putties restrain them to the wall before asking for their answers and they refuse. Unfortunately, Goldar then reveals his plan; use the bite of the Serpent of Darkness to turn them into mindless drones in such a way that they can't be turned back to good like Tommy was. As Goldar leaves, all that the four can do is watch Zedd's magic slowly animate the snake.

When the Power Rangers all confront the Terror Blossom, Goldar worries that this'll be the end of their plan but Zedd makes him grow. Goldar returns a short while later to the Cave of Despair and asks them to join him and make things simpler but Adam refuses for them. Goldar is annoyed but thinks that they'll soon obey anyway before leaving. However, his prediction proves inaccurate because the Putties guarding the cave entrance are soon destroyed by the Power Rangers and the Terror Blossom destroyed. The hostages are then freed though not before finding out who the Power Rangers really are. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Ninja Encounter-part III

The teenagers at Angel Grove High create their own Peace Conference with six delegates from other countries and Lord Zedd decides to kidnap them to try and sabotage world peace or something. In the process, he plans to turn them into his new Dark Rangers. As Tommy teaches Pablo the Mexican Stereotype swing kicks in the Park with the other ambassadors, Zedd sends down Goldar and the Putties to kidnap them. As Tommy, Kimberly, Billy and the ninja trio go to defeat the Putties, Goldar appears with a squadron of even more Putties who grab onto the ambassadors and frog march them off the battlefield. In the mountains, Goldar and the Putties lead the ambassadors to a cave where they restrain the teens behind a large forcefield until Zedd gets the Power Coins. As the ninja trio leave to try and find the ambassadors at the Youth Center, where Billy told chairwoman Tamara to go, a note flutters down from (presumably) the mountain and the Rangers find it's a ransom note. Give Goldar and by extension Zedd their Power Coins or the ambassadors will vanish forever.

Within the hour. the Rangers meet Goldar near the caves where they are being held hostage and hand over their Power Coins, giving them to Goldar who then reveals that he has no intention of releasing the hostages. Fortunately, the Rangers reveal that they have learned from their previous mistake and have supplanted their real Coins with chocolate ones that they deus ex-magicked up so Goldar sends in the Putty guards. However, they easily defeat the Putties and force Goldar to flee as they release the hostages. As the other Rangers easily defeat the Putties, Tommy slashes his sword around at Tommy but he ducks and deflects the blade Tommy ducks and dodges back from Goldar’s sword before smacking it away twice and booting Goldar back. He twirls back from a slash and pulls out Saba right before they clash. However, Tommy deflects Goldar’s sword, avoids a slash, restrains the monkey, knees him in the gut, and tosses him away through the air. Enraged, Goldar swears revenge but the Power Rangers regroup to finish him off and Goldar has to retreat. This allows the Rangers to easily release the hostages which enrages Zedd who then creates Four Head but she is destroyed after a lengthy battle. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Monster of Global Proportions

Zedd watches over the Earth and suddenly realizes that half of the Power Rangers have to attend a Swedish Peace Conference and delights in how crippled this will make the team.  As such, he decides to go straight for the proverbial jugular and powers up Serpentera to destroy the Earth for good although he first sends down Squatt and Baboo to Earth with a special designed sleep machine to send everyone in the world to sleep and prevent Zordon from recruiting new Rangers. However, he soon realizes that they are headed to a Deserted Planet to obtain the Sword of Light that would allow them to transfer Jason, Zack and Trini’s powers to successors. As such, Zedd decides to annihilate them with Serpentera’s raw power. Zedd and Goldar set out in Serpentera shortly thereafter although Zedd, being the lazy and arrogant sort, forces Goldar to pilot it alone whilst he lounges around and monologues. As five of the Power Rangers head for the statue, Jason summons the Red Dragon Thunderzord as well as the Thunderzord Assault Team to try and confront the colossal Evil Zord although it and Tor the Shuttlezord are soon defeated and let go ater a display of power. Zedd, realizing that they won’t be able to find the statue before the Rangers, decides that there is no kill like overkill and decides to destroy the entire planet with the Rangers on it. Goldar refuses due to the power drain so Zedd does it himself by hitting a cliché big red button. As such, Serpentera unleashes a devastating lightning blast that consumes the planet’s surface. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Power Transfer-part I

It is thusly revealed that the previous attack was a false cliffhanger since Serpentera returns to blasting the not-destroyed city. After the Stone Canyon trio destroy the Sleep Machine, Serpentera continues attacking the city before Zedd decides again to destroy the city. Once more, Goldar refuses due to the power drain so Zedd does it himself by hitting a cliché big red button. As such, Serpentera unleashes a devastating lightning blast that consumes the planet’s surface. This seemingly kills the Power Rangers and destroys the planet so Zedd makes his way back but soon realizes that the Power Rangers escaped in good time. Zedd then returns to Earth in Serpentera but realizes that the Power Rangers have survived and isn’t able to arrive quickly enough to stop Rocky, Adam and Aisha from getting the Red, Black and Yellow Ranger powers. Bored and realizing that Serpentera won’t reach the Earth anytime soon, Zedd spots a tick in the park and creates the Silver Horns monster to at the very least delay the Power Rangers Serpentera later arrives as Zedd makes Silver Horns grows and lands as Silver Horns meets the White Tigerzord. However, it runs out of power due to the excess used to destroy the Deserted Planet and Goldar and Zedd sit out the fight. Once Silver Horns is destroyed, Zedd asks if they have enough power to which Goldar responds that they only have enough to return to the Moon Palace. Enraged, Zedd kicks the cockpit in frustration before withdrawing although not before swearing revenge for this in the future. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Power Transfer-part II

Angel Grove High organizes a vice-versa dance but Adam is reluctant to go as he has no one to go with. Sensing an opportunity to lure the Rangers into a deadly trap, Zedd has Scorpina disguise herself as a new student named Sabrina. As she takes Adam and Aisha on a date to Angel Grove Park, Zedd sends Goldar and the Putties down to spring the trap. When Adam tells "Sabrina" to get back, Scorpina refuses and reveals herself and the revelation of that is enough for Goldar to tie them to a tree whilst they are distracted. Fortunately, the other Rangers arrive and save Adam and Aisha by Billy slicing through the rope with his Power Lance. The Rangers then wipe out the Putties whilst Tommy (having since become the White Ranger) takes on Goldar and Scorpina. The two put up a frankly pathetic attempt at fighting Tommy, immediately getting split kicked down and out of the fight. Fortunately, the other Rangers arrive and wipe out the Putties whilst Tommy (having since become the White Ranger) takes on Goldar and Scorpina. Tommy jump slashes thier weapons away from him so they give him ground. However, he then kicks back Goldar, blocks a swing from Scorpina, and smacks away Goldar’s sword. Tommy then jumps over a Goldar sword swing, kicks away his sword, and kicks him away. After Billy rescues the hostages with his Power Lance, allowing them to morph, Tommy immediately split kicks them down and out of the fight entirely. With the Putties gone, Zedd throws one of his Growth Grenades which grows Goldar and Scorpina so the Power Rangers summon the Thunder Megazord whilst Tommy summons his White Tigerzord. Once Scorpina's stinger completely fails to faze the White Tigerzord, allowing it to assume Warrior Mode, the Thunder Megazord energy slashes the two villains down with the Thunder Saber finisher. To follow it up, the White Tigerzord blasts them with its White Tiger Thunderbolts but neither Scorpina and Goldar are fazed. Scorpina's claws blasts combined with Goldar's eye blasts are then strong enough to wipe out the Thunder Megazord and force the White Tigerzord back into Tiger Mode. Fortunately, Tommy rallies the Rangers and re-energizes his Zord before summoning Tor the Shuttlezord and the Thunderzords form the Thunder Ultrazord. Rather than crush the two arch-villains, they just blast down the two who are hurt enough to be forced to retreat whilst quoting Oliver Goldsmith. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Goldar's Vice-Versa

Adam is acting as a tutor to a young bullied karate student named Shawn who has self-esteem and confidence issues. Lord Zedd decides to sabotage this by ruining his confidence with the Mirror of Regret via Goldar. Said mirror is, as Zedd puts it, "a window into the scenes of less confident days." Anyone exposed to it for a significant amount of time would have thier confidence drained out of them like a plughole in a bath tub. The only way to reverse the effects is for the victim to regain thier confidence themselves without anyone else's help. As Adam mentors Shawn in Angel Grove Park, Zedd sends Goldar and the Putty Patrol to ambush Adam in Angel Grove Park. They arrive shortly after Shawn leaves and Adam decides to pack up and leave with Goldar having snuck up on him. Even so, Adam believes that Goldar cannot defeat him so the latter sends in his Putties to teach the Black Ranger a lesson. Though he slays many of them, which includes a now infamous bit where the Putties are so pathetic that Adam manages to defeat eight of them in a tug of war, Goldar blinds Adam by throwing up mist with his sword which allows him to summon the Mirror and show him a memory of him not being picked for kickball. Adam is unfazed by this but Goldar has two Putties restrain Adam and force him to look into the Mirror of Regret and watch a bully call him a pipsqueak which has a profoundly detrimental effect on Adam. With Adam's confidence waning, Zedd decides to send a monster to destroy the other Power Rangers and thus Lord Zedd creates the Skelerena monster who he sends with an army of Putties to the Park. However, the Mirror of Regret eventually shows Shawn doing well which helps him regain his confidence, breaking the spell. Adam then destroys them and Goldar has to retreat with the Mirror of Regret to the Moon Palace with the scheme once again a dismal failure. With Adam's confidence restored, he morphs and joins up with the others which allows them to summon thier brand new Power Cannon to finish off Skelerena. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Mirror of Regret

After Adam gives a class presentation on the properties of kaleidoscopes, Zedd has the idea to use light refraction to erase the Power Rangers' memory of ever being Rangers and render the Earth defenceless. After school, Goldar sends down a platoon of Putties to ambush Kimberly, Billy and Tommy as they take a stroll home through the Park having bought a new kaleidoscope from a store on the way. Though they are easily wiped out, Zedd creates the Scatterbrain monster from the kaleidoscope which Kimberly dropped during the battle and the monster erases the trio's memory. Later, once the memory-less Rangers refuse to go to the Command Center, Goldar arrives with a platoon of Putties which convinces the three to accompany thier comrades much to his dismay. With nothing better to do, and with a monster already in play, Goldar withdraws rather than going into battle. Although Scatterbrain manages to erase the remaining Rangers' memories, Bulk and Skull save them and the Thunder Megazord finishes the job. Tvicon.png TV STORY-When Is A Ranger Not A Ranger?

When Rocky enjoys playing Ernie's new play automate on the game Pachinko, Zedd casts a spell on it which causes Rocky to have an unhealthy addiction to having fun. Rocky thinks only about games which Zedd hopes will distract the other Rangers long enough for him to attack with Serpentera to Earth. This idea fails so he has to create the Pachinko Head monster to keep them busy though he is swiftly slain. Serpentera arrives immediately after the Thunder Megazord slays the monster and rips apart the formation with its lightning. With the Red Dragon Thunderzord completely down and exposed, Rocky summons Tor to counteract it. Barely dodging the Zord’s foot, it rolls and enters Tor in Warrior Mode’s armor but Serpentera kicks it over and back into Shuttle Mode. Although it spends about half a minute grinding Tor into the ground, the attempt somehow drains over half of Serpentera's power and Zedd and Goldar are forced to retreat back to the Moon once again. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun

When the Power Rangers are going on Harvey Garvey's TV show to promote education, Lord Zedd sees it as a chance to get rid of them once and for all or at least ruin thier public image. As such, he sends down Goldar and an army of Putties to capture them so that he can create evil twins to spread bad messages and smear thier reputations. Goldar and the Putties ambush the Rangers as they walk home through the Park but the Putties are soon fended off when the Rangers morph and Goldar gets progressively angrier as they continue failing until he is sent flying by a kick from Rocky. His pride wounded, Goldar withdraws with the last four Putties though not before proclaiming that they "haven't seen the last of me this day." The failure of this attempted capture leads Zedd to abandon his Evil Ranger plot and go for the traditional "send in monster and hope it works" plot-line although not before Zedd gives Goldar a severe dressing down. Once the Showbiz Monster sics his Putties on the Power Rangers, Zedd likes his strategy of "sit there and do nothing" so sends Goldar in to defeat Tommy though not without a warning to not come back without Tommy's head. Jumping straight down from the Moon to Earth, Goldar challenges Tommy to fight him so the White Ranger has to to sit out the Zord fight to fight Goldar whilst the others deal with the monster and his Putties. Drawing Saba, Tommy kicks and punches Goldar but he ducks under a swing kick and Tommy has to block a sword swing. Rolling away from a sword slash, they blade lock hard enough to generate loud booms before breaking apart for a moment's respite. Though Zedd quickly enlarges the Showbiz Monster with a Growth Bomb, Tommy is forced to sit out the Zord fight to combat Goldar. After the Thunder Megazord inevitably slays the Showbiz Monster, they blade lock hard enough to generate loud booms before breaking apart before Goldar gives up and retreats to the Moon Palace although Goldylocks swears that he will return with a vengeance. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Lights, Camera, Action

It is Fire Safety Week in Angel Grove and Lord Zedd has taken his own interest in fire to use in order to charbroil the Power Rangers. Goldar suggests sending down an army of Putties armed with matches to burn down Angel Grove but Zedd angrily shoots him down since he has decided to do a monster to force the Rangers to obey him or lose thier precious city. Later, Goldar is summoned to Zedd's throne and ordered to send down some Putties to attack Tommy, Rocky and Adam to get them out of the way for Zedd to create his Flame Head monster without needing to worry about interference. Although the Putties are easily dispatched, the three Rangers leave to tell thier friends which allows Zedd to create Flame Head but she is later destroyed regardless. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

After the defeat of the Fish Army and the Tube Monster, Zedd asks Goldar what's for dinner and Goldar answers fish and chips much to his rage. Tvicon.png TV STORY-A Reel Fish Story

After the Photomare is enlarged, Goldar appears to fight Tommy who has to to sit out the Zord fight to fight Goldar whilst the others deal with the monster. As the Thunder Megazord blasts Photomare and a copy of the Red Dragon Thunderzord (dubbed the Copyzord, Tommy blocks two slashes from Goldar and rolls away before disarming him and forcing him to retreat in shame even as the Thunder Megazord finishes off the monster and Evil Zord. With the Photomare gone, the Power Rangers now go after the Rock of Time to reverse Zedd's time reverting spell but soon find Goldar atop the mountain it is located on. Determined to stop them, he summons some Putties as well as the Invenusable Flytrap, the Dramole, and the Oysterizer to aid him in battle but they are all destroyed and he is forced to retreat. With Goldar gone, the Rangers summon the Power Cannon and obliterate the Rock of Time which renders yet another of Zedd's schemes a complete dismal failure. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rangers Back in Time

Lord Zedd eventually has to enter his thousand year sleep and leaves Goldar in charge in the meantime. However, Rita returns to the moon and Goldar finds her in Zedd's bedroom so calls on the Putties to restrain her. However, much to his horror, Rita and Finster have created a love potion and enchanted Zedd so he forces Goldar to stop as he is infatuated with her now. Later, after the Power Rangers are re-contained in the Specter Theatre after a fight with the Peckster and Rhinoblaster, Goldar attends the wedding ceremony but sits in the far back disgusted at the proceedings, From that point on, Goldar begins a quest to try and prove that she has Zedd under her control and thus the relationship is bunk. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wedding

Sometime after Rita and Zedd's wedding, Scorpina becomes completely disillusioned with Rita and begins to desire power so starts to read her spell books. However, it is a trap (probably set to either test her loyalty or to find who had been breaking into her library) and she is found by Rita and Goldar before being banished to the Talos Dimension. Although Scorpina would return thirty four years later, under the master-ship of Lokar, this is the last time she and Goldar ever interacted. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon

Season 3

Often paired with Rito Revolto, Goldar was disgusted by the skeleton's stupidity (and stench), although they eventually became friends of sorts. This is shown to be true as Rito gave him a Christmas present and he accepted it without argument. Tvicon.png TV STORY-I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger

When he finally discovered it was a sham, he immediately set out to make things right and had Finster create an antidote for the love spell Rita used. Unfortunately for Goldar, it was revealed that Zedd had come to love Rita on his own, potion or not. Even after Rita dropped her secret plans of usurping Zedd, Goldar still had a massive dislike for her. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Potion Notion

Goldar and Rito Revolto.

Goldar was also essential in Lord Zedd's powering of the Shogunzords, as he soundly defeated Ninjor, allowing Zedd to capture and use him as a power source for the Shogunzords. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Changing of the Zords

After destroying the Ninja Power Coins in the episode "Climb Every Fountain," Rita and Zedd assigned Goldar and Rito the mission of planting a bomb under and inside of the Command Center. but it was defused by Alpha 5. The two were then given a map of the Command Center's basement (that Zedd found) and entered the Center through an underground labyrinth of tunnels that the rule of Power Coins only did not apply to. The duo succeeded in stealing the Zeo Crystal (although he didn't escape with it) The bomb went off, and the Command Center exploded.


However, Goldar and Rito somehow lost the Crystal, and their memories (and in Goldar's case, his wings), and ended up wandering around Angel Grove. They eventually found Bulk and Skull, and ended up becoming their butlers in exchange for food and shelter. Zedd and Rita eventually found them and restored their memories (and Goldar's wings). They returned to their employers and helped them in their quest to destroy the Machine Empire.

In Space

Goldar attacks the Gold Ranger.

Goldar made his reappearance in the premiere episode of In Space during Dark Specter's conference, where he was responsible for revealing Andros' identity. His final appearance was in the Power Rangers in Space finale, Countdown to Destruction appearing alongside Rita, Zedd, Squatt, and Finster when he fired an energy blast strong enough to send Trey of Triforia flying away. His absence after Zordon's Energy Wave suggests that he was turned to dust alongside the majority of other villains in the United Alliance of Evil, something that is confirmed twenty-two years later.

Beast Morphers

Goldar Maximus and his army.

Goldar's sword is one of the many villain relics in Ryjack's collection that are acquired by Evox and his minions (what exactly killed Goldar is not made clear but according to Jason, he was most likely a victim of Zordon's Energy Wave). On Evox's orders, Scrozzle uses Ryjack's reanimizer powered up by diamonds on Goldar's sword, cloning Goldar as an even more powerful version of the original known as Goldar Maximus. Upon learning that Evox is the one who cloned him, Goldar Maximus pledges his loyalty to Evox. The recently-cloned Sledge mocks him, saying that he had more power in his toe than Goldar, causing Goldar Maximus to attack him. Evox then orders Goldar Maximus to destroy Sledge, which he proceeds to do, despite Sledge pleading with them. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Making Bad

The Legendary Dino Rangers destroy Goldar Maximus.

Goldar accompanies Snide to the Dino Charge dimension and fights the Dino Charge Rangers, quickly overwhelming them and the newly arrived Grid Battleforce Rangers. He easily took Koda down and stole his Energem before fighting off Ravi, Nate, Steel and Zoey. He easily overwhelmed and demorphed them and destroyed their Morphers off-screen. They then went to find Scrozzle whom was assembling a secret weapon to use against the Rangers and Goldar cut open a geode for him. Goldar and Snide later appeared alongside some Putties, Triptoids and Vivix to attack Jason, Zoey and Ravi when they tried to ambush Evox and Scrozzle from behind. He, Roxy, Snide and the army attacked but Ivan's Lightning Final Strike took out Roxy and the Z-Rex Blaster destroyed Snide with Tyler taking down Goldar. He refused to surrender but the Rangers combined the Ptera Saber, Dino Spike, Power Blaster, and Z-Rex Blaster into the Dino Power Ultra Blaster which finally destroyed Goldar for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Grid Connection

Split History

All-New Dark Rangers

"Dark Ranger Yellow!"
―roll call as the Dark Yellow Ranger[src]

Goldar morphs into the Dark Yellow Ranger.

After Lord Zedd returned from his imprisonment, he compliments Goldar, Finster, Squatt and Baboo for staying and trying to destroy the Rangers in his absence and Zedd recruits them for a new mission. After the monster Psychoslug is defeated, Zedd reveals that in reality that was his plan to power up the Green Chaos Crystal and with this he transformed Goldar and the rest into a new team of Dark Rangers, with Goldar becoming the Yellow Ranger on said team. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 51

After getting their team leader in the form of a Rita Repulsa copy made out of putty, Goldar and the Dark Rangers starting chaos havoc in order to attract the Rangers. When the Rangers arrived the Dark Rangers separated and attacked the team, with Goldar going for both Kimberly and Aisha, he attacked the duo while he claimed satisfaction due to finally getting the upper hand on them. Goldar and his team later seeked cover as they were shot at by the Ranger's blasters until Lord Zedd got the Chaos Crystal closer to them so that they could amplified their strength, this resulted in the creation of their own zords, the Terrorzords. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 53

Goldar attacks Kimberly and Aisha.

The Terrorzords later combined to form the Mega Terrorzord which fought against the Mega Tigerzord and the Red Dragon Thunderzord, despite being a two on one fight, the Dark Rangers were beating the Mighty Morphin Rangers while their leader Zedd watched with great satisfaction until a mysterious Green Ranger attacked him and broke the Chaos Crystal, leaving Goldar and the rest without their Ranger powers, being forced to retreat. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 55

Video game appearances

Power Rangers: Super Legends

Goldar is the main villain in the Mighty Morphin' section of the Power Rangers: Super Legends. He is first seen complaining about Rita making him do her dirty work once again. Suddenly, Lord Zedd appears in a time hole and tells him to contaminate Angel Grove's water supply, zombifying everyone there to form an army of Z-Putties. Goldar follows Zedd's demands, however the Power Rangers are hot on his tail. The "chase" ends at Angel Grove, where Goldar is ready to contaminate the water supply, however the Power Rangers stop him and he is forced to grow but he is defeated in the Megazord battle. In the game, he is voiced by prolific video game voice actor Nolan North.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Goldar is among the villains who feature in Power Rangers Legacy Wars,he is a Epic (Leader), Rare (Assist) character,as mega Goldar is a Rare (Zord).

Power Rangers Battle For The Grid

Goldar is a playable character in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid , He uses his Sword primarily as his weapon.


Unlike many other henchmen, Goldar was one of the few who was capable of holding his own against the entire Power Ranger team. As time went by in the series, Goldar's character became less threatening and more comical. He was a dangerous fighter initially, being able to defeat the original team in battle single-handedly. Later, however, he began to lose his edge, with Jason handing him his first major defeat in the episode "Missing Green." After this point he was apparently less powerful, losing to the Rangers more and more in combat. Goldar was close comrades with Scorpina and appeared to be hugging her at several points with them sharing an apparent romantic interest in each other. In fact, in the script for the unfinished episode, "Zordon, I Shrunk The Rangers", Goldar and Scorpina had a date planned but Zedd and Rita forced the two to go on a mission much to Goldar's dismay and Scorpina's annoyance. Goldar had a bit of friendship with Rito though he was more often than not annoyed with Rito's bumbling but overall the two shared a good relationship.



Powers and Abilities


  • Power Level: Goldar was the fourth most powerful member of the Evil Space Aliens, stronger than Squatt, Baboo, and Finster and roughly on par with Rito Revolto. However, Rita, Zedd, and Master Vile were all still much stronger than him.
  • Strength: Goldar seriously shook up the Dino Megazord's cockpit with a single slash and an extremely powerful double kick was enough to knock back the Dino Megazord. Later on, in episodes such as "Eclipsing Megazord" and "Crystal of Nightmares", he was strong enough to take down the Megazord with Scorpina's help.
  • Durability: Goldar was struck by the energized Power Sword and Thunder Saber and a fireball from the White Tigerzord in Warrior Mode only made him and Scorpina fall down.
  • Teleportation: Goldar could make himself vanish into thin air so that he can avoid attacks. Starting with Season 2, he always left in a large cloud of orange flame although he vanished in the same way as Season 1 in the episode "Goldar's Vice-Versa."
  • Master Swordsman: Goldar was better than any other villain at combat with a weapon, perhaps even more than Rita but excluding Zedd. Goldar constantly failed to beat Tommy in his Green Ranger form whilst Zedd could overpower him in his more powerful White Ranger form without breaking a sweat.
  • Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Goldar was not as good at hand to hand combat as he is at swordsmanship but was still easily able to take down all five Rangers (although Tommy was almost always able to overpower him).
  • Expert Zord Pilot: Goldar was able to expertly pilot both Cyclopsis and Serpentera with no assistance and overwhelm the Zords easily in both as well as piloting the Dragonzord to victory in the first part of the two-part episode "Return of an Old Friend."
  • Putty Summoning: Goldar could summon both versions of the Putty Patrol to aid him in fighting the Rangers.
    • Tenga Summoning: After the Tenga Warriors replaced the Putties as the foot soldiers of Rita and Zedd, Goldar was able to freely summon them as well.
  • Agility: Whilst fighting the Dino Megazord for the first time, Goldar was able to quickly dodge around the Megazord and land some blows without being hit.
  • Eye Fireballs: Goldar could shoot fireball blasts from his eyes which were powerful enough to cause massive explosions around Jason whilst fleeing from him and King Sphinx. When combined with Scorpina's claw barrage, it took down the Thunder Megazord and forced the White Tigerzord back into its default Tiger Mode.
  • Self Growth-In the episode "A Star is Born," Goldar and Scorpina clearly enlarged themselves to aid Babe Ruthless given Rita being under the weather.
  • Longevity: Goldar can live for millions of years.

Goldar Maximus

  • Strength: Goldar was much stronger as Goldar Maximus as shown when he sent Koda flying with a single sword slash which de-morphed him and knocked him unconscious.
  • Shockwave Kick: Goldar could unleash a yellow shockwave with his kick as shown when he attacked Sledge upon his resurrection.
  • Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Goldar was more skilled in hand to hand combat in his Maximus form as he was able to take on Ravi, Nate, Steel and Zoey at the same time without breaking a sweat.



  • Sword: Goldar wielded a large golden sword to aid him in combat. It was sharp enough to take down Rangers with one hit each and cleave straight through the middle of a building.
    • Flame Wave: Goldar could engulf his sword in flames and fling a large horizontal wave of fire at his enemies strong enough to seriously shake up the Dino Megazord in Tank Mode and knock around the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Sabertooth Tiger Dinozords with one hit.
      • Teleportation Casting: The flame waves from Goldar's sword could also teleport his enemies to any location at will as seen in "Missing Green."
    • Fireballs: Goldar could fire blue energy from his sword that turned into orange fireballs capable of causing massive explosions and knocking down all five Rangers with one hit.
      • Homing Fireballs-As seen during the battle with King Sphinx, Goldar could fire fireballs that homed in on his enemies and forced them to dodge towards his allies.
    • Teleportation Stab: When charged up with dark gold energy, and stabbed into the ground, Goldar's sword could unleash a wave of the same golden energy to teleport beings away. He did this to Tommy and some Putties in "The Green Candle."
    • Energy Chain Generation: Goldar could fire golden energy from his sword's tip that formed energy chains strong enough to restrain Tommy. He only did this in "The Green Candle."
    • Flamethrower: Goldar was able to release a stream of flame from the tip of his sword to disintegrate a clumsy Putty in "Mighty Morphin Mutants".
    • Lightning Channelling: Goldar could channel blue lightning into his sword and fire them from the tip. Instead of being used as an attack, it was instead used to power up the Crystal of Nightmares.
    • Fire Channelling: Goldar was able to channel fire into his sword at will for a variety of attacks and special moves.
      • Fire Ropes: By channelling fire into his sword, Goldar could release long yellow streamer-like ropes from the tip of his sword. He only did this in the episode "The Ninja Encounter Part I" to kidnap the future Power Rangers.
    • Lightning Strike: When combined with Scorpina's fin blade, Goldar could fire forth blue lightning from his sword with enough power to take down all five Rangers.
  • Cyclopsis: Goldar's personal War Zord that he had for at least 10,000 years.
  • Dragon Dagger: Temporarily stolen from the Command Center by Billy (who was under the Dramole's spell) who gave it to Goldar who used it to use the Dragonzord against the Rangers. It was later retrieved by Tommy along with the Power Coins.
  • Z-Staff: Goldar borrowed Lord Zedd's staff to brainwash Tommy to get the Sword of Light in the episode "The Green Dream."
  • Serpentera: Goldar was the pilot for Serpentera whereas Zedd just sat back and watched.
  • Mirror of Regret: A mirror that showed someone their greatest failures which was used to try and destroy Adam's self-confidence. It was only used in the episode of the same name.

Appearances: MMPR S1 Episodes 1-60, MMPR S2 Episodes 1-52, MMPR S3 Episodes 1-43, Zeo Episodes 1-3, 10, 29, 32-43, 47, 48, 50, PRIS Episodes 1, 42, 43

Mega Goldar

Goldar is among the villains who feature in Power Rangers Legacy Wars and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. It also features the exclusive Mega Goldar form which is heavily inspired by his appearance in the 1995 movie.

Appearances: Power Rangers Legacy Wars


  • Broadsword: In his ultimate form, Goldar wielded a massive golden broadsword.
    • Lightning Bolt: Goldar could engulf his sword in blue lightning to fire a devastating lightning bolt of the same color from it which was strong enough to destroy Sledge with one hit.
    • Energy Empowerment: Goldar could charge up his broadsword with blue energy to strike at full force. It was only used to slice open a geode for Scrozzle.
    • Energy Wave: Goldar Maximus could fire a gigantic blue energy wave from his broadsword which was his all-time most powerful attack since it was strong enough to de-morph Zoey, Nate, Steel and Ravi with one hit as well as knock all of them out cold.

Appearances: BM S2 Episodes 13, 22

Dark Yellow Ranger


  • to be added


  • Yellow Terrorzord

Behind the Scenes


  • A major issue that Saban had to work around in Season 2 was the White Ranger himself since the actual screen-time of his counterpart in Dairanger was very, very limited. Multiple episodes at a time didn't feature him at all even after he had been introduced. In total, he only appeared in twenty eight and most that did feature Kibaranger only had him as his true Japanese boy form with the rest featuring him for about two minutes each if that.
    • In fact, even when he did appear, he rarely joined the other five for fights and usually just geeked out from the sidelines and sometimes would only show up in the Zord fight out of the blue and that's if he did at all.
      • This is why Goldar randomly showed up to fight Tommy so often in Season 2 even if he had nothing to do with the rest of the episode such as in "Rangers Back in Time-part II" and "Forever Friends."


  • Goldar never spoke in the original pilot, only communicating in grunts and growls although this was changed in the series proper.
    • Ironically, this was very similar to how things went in Zyuranger since it took until the equivalent episode to "Jason's Battle" for Bandora to allow Grifforizer to speak. Prior to that, he spoke only in feral growls and snarls.
  • In the series proper, he was voiced by Kerrigan Mahan.
    • According to Mahan, there was never a formal audition process for Goldar. Rather, he landed the role purely by chance. He was known by Saban as a skilled dubber, having worked with the company before on several other projects, and so he was one of the "go-to" voice actors for dubbing projects. With this in mind, he was asked to come in one day to work on Power Rangers, and when he was in the recording studio, dubbing director Tony Oliver simply said, "OK, Kerrigan, I think there's a gold guy that I want you to play, a guy with wings."
    • The tone of Goldar's voice varies considerably throughout the first season of the series. This initially fuelled speculation that Mahan had not been the original voice of the character.
      • In reality, Mahan had voiced the character with a gravelly, higher-pitched tone in the earliest episodes, however the resulting vocal strain forced him to experiment with other versions of the voice until he eventually settled on Goldar's iconic, low guttural inflection.
      • Sound bites of Mahan's earlier performance were still used in later episodes, particularly in scenes where Goldar would fight or grow to giant size which usually consisted of growls.
  • The suit actors who played Goldar in Super Sentai footage from Zyuranger were Takashi Sakamoto (坂本隆 Sakamoto Takashi) for non-action scenes and Kazutoshi Yokoyama (横山 一敏 Yokoyama Kazutoshi) for battle sequences. In original footage, the suit actor was Danny Wayne Stallcup for the first two seasons, while during season three, he was portrayed by David Wald and several other actors.
  • In his revival in Beast Morphers, Goldar was voiced by Adrian Smith and portrayed him with a voice not too dissimilar to Redker, a role from several years before.


From the first episode until Lions & Blizzards, the Goldar costume looked like Grifforzer, his Zyuranger counterpart. This caused his snout to rise whenever he was talking. Starting with "Crystal of Nightmares", the head was modified so that the jaw (or just the bottom teeth) would move down. This new costume was used for all footage filmed in the U.S. onward, but the rising snout Goldar would appear in recycled footage in the second season.

In addition to the changes in his facial appearance, the revised costume notably has a pair of extended wings. Although Goldar is shown with the ability to fly in early episodes, the wings on the original costume are folded behind him and later disappear for reasons not explained within the season. In "The Mutiny-part I" when Goldar immediately defects from Rita upon Lord Zedd's arrival, the evil emperor states, "Your spineless, snivelling attitude leads me to believe you will serve me well. For that, I shall restore to you what was once taken away." Zedd then uses his staff to re-grant Goldar his wings. Although he was seen with his wings when in Rita's palace, they disappeared whenever he grew and would continue to appear and disappear throughout the season with no explanation.

Goldar's face had several changes in season 2 so there were possibly several masks with different appearance at times A mask had a very smooth face with large teeth where it filled the entire osico with which he moved when he spoke, making it easier and more credible when he was seen speaking, with smaller eyes and a less intense blue. Another mask with the face slightly with the skin similar to the original mask, but much wider, with large fangs but with smaller middle teeth leaving a large space in the middle, in addition to having the larger osicus in the width leaving a space large without teeth and with eyes larger than those of the first mask, but smaller than those of the original mask, also that the helmet seemed to be wider and did not seem to fit

And in season 3 and in Zeo the mask underwent a certain change since although the first mask was used for some scenes, mostly those of fights and some from the archive of season 2, it had a new face or possibly it was the first mask only that something damaged, possibly some damage in post-production or due to its excessive use, with the large teeth that moved when they spoke although in a less recurrent way and showing even more the gums when moving the mouth, the somewhat loose helmet and possibly the mechanics of the Eyes was also damaged as it left Goldar with crooked eyes, with the left eye half open and the right half closed.


Goldar as seen in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Live.

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