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Gold With Envy is a comic story based on Power Rangers Samurai, which was printed as part of the 6th issue of Panini's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



At the Shiba House, Antonio watches the others training. He sees how great friends they are and wishes he was part of the team. Later at the beach, while fishing Antonio plucks up his courage and asks Emily out to a concert but she says she cannot go as she is going to a movie with Mike. As she leaves a monstrous tentacle sneaks out of the water and poisons Antonio's fish. At the cinema, Mike and Emily's movie is interrupted by Moogers outside, as they run out and morph they are outnumbered by the Moogers. Just then the Gold Ranger appears and defeats the Moogers with his Barracuda Blade. Not out of trouble yet as a new Nighlok named Envito appears, he says that Gold is not a real Ranger and because the Gold Ranger ate the poisoned fish this causes him to get angry and makes him attack the Green Ranger. Emily attacks Envito but he just knocks her to the ground, soon the poison wears off the the Gold Ranger is back on the side of good. All three Rangers attack together and as Envito fires poison projectiles towards them, Antonio deflects them back with his Barracuda Blade destroying the Nighlok. Soon Envito is back as a Mega Monster and OctoZord attacks but he gets hit by Envito's evil tentacle. Just then the other Rangers show up in the Megazord so OctoZord blinds Envito with his Ink Cloud and the Megazord slashes him down with his samurai sword. Later, back at the cinema, Antonio still feels like he' i not part of the team, think again as the others tell him that he is one of them and he always will be.[2]




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