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Gold Mask

Gold Mask.

Gold Mask (黄金仮面 Ōgon Kamen) was the first of the five original Black Cross Monsters.


During the initial attack of the Black Cross Army against the Japanese EAGLE bases, he attacked the Kanto branch, killing everyone including the brother of Tsuyoshi Kaijo, who became the only survivor of the attack.

He and a group of Zolders later hijacked a school bus and were planning to harm the kids on the bus. However the Gorengers saved the kids inside the bus before that could happen, and the two forces fought one another. As Gold Mask tried to run away, the Gorengers unleashed the Gorenger Storm, slaying the Masked Monster. Ep. 1: The Crimson Sun! The Invincible Gorengers

Video Game appearances

Super Sentai Battle Base

Gold Mask is among the vast pantheon of villains which appear in the mobile game Super Sentai Battle Base.


Modus and Arsenal

He wears a gold mask with a red evil smile face on it. Along with a black cape and a gold body suit. His main weapon is a scythe, which he can toss like a boomerang to attack his enemies.


  • Gold Mask has the distinct honor of being the very first monster to appear in the Super Sentai franchise.
  • Gold Mask is the first Sentai character to wear spandex, as the first Sentai to wear spandex would not come until Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.