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"That was just a warm-up. See if you can handle this!"
―Gold-Beaked Monster after the Rangers fought off the Batlings.[src]

The Gold-Beaked Monster is a vampire bat demon and is one of the two minor villains of the episode "Wheels of Destruction".


The Gold-Beaked Monster was sent by demons to Mariner Bay to wreck havoc. When the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers arrived, he summoned an army of Batlings to attack them. After the Rangers defeated all of the Batlings, he attacked the Rangers with powerful winds, but it was not enough and the Gold Beaked Monster was destroyed with the Rescue Blasters. Wheels of Destruction


Gold-Beaked Monster is cunning and unpredictable monster that will stop at nothing to destroy the Lightspeed Rangers.

Powers And Abilities

  • Flight: Being a bat-type monster, Gold-Beaked can fly at high speeds.
  • Batling Summoning: Gold Beak can summon an army of Batlings to aid him in battle.
  • Fireball Spread Vision: Gold-Beaker can shoot a four-way fireball spread from his eyes.
  • Wind Flurry: Gold-Beaker can flap his bat-like wings to make a massive gust of wind to blow debris at his enemies.


  • Claws-The Gold Beaked Monster has no weapons but has clawed hands to help him in combat.

Behind The Scenes



  • Of the monsters in Lightspeed Rescue, Gold Beak Monster is definitely the weakest, as he is destroyed by just a few shots from the Rescue Blasters and had fewer powers than almost any other monster.
    • Ghouligan (the first Lightspeed Rescue monster) at least was able to overpower the unmorphed Rangers.
  • Gold Beaked Monster's name comes from the end credits of the episode.

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