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Gokiraagin (ゴキラーギン Gokirāgin) (16) is the cockroach-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Gokiraagin is brought to Earth by Dongoros as part of a scheme to eliminate the world's food supply due to its consistent appetite brought about by its super-speed. Using this Galactic Warrior, any and all food supplies from meals to dug up vegetables and even baby's milk were eaten within an instant, devastating the population. However a boy photographer who encounters Gokiraagin during its first encounter takes a blurry picture and tries to convince people, including his former teacher Remi, that it was behind the attack. After several attempts, the boy gets a good shot at the Galactic Warrior and Fiveman use a trap involving giant vegetable costumes to lure in Gokiraagin for attack. FiveYellow beats it down before it is attacked by the Earth Cannon. After Dongoros uses Gorlin #14 to assist it, it tries to fight against FiveRobo but ends up being pummeled by the mecha once Remi switches in to use her kung-fu before being destroyed by her Super-Dimensional Sword formation.


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  • Its main ability is the possession of super-speed that burns calories rapidly when used; because of which, it must constantly eat anything and everything in order to keep up its speed. It also uses a beam attack after it is absorbed by a Gorlin.

Behind the Scenes


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