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Going Green is a graphic novel story featuring the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and was produced by Papercutz Comics. It was released in 2014.

This is the last Power Rangers work published by Papercutz before the franchise was passed over to Boom! Studios, whom published their own reimagining of the original series.

It's set before the episode "Green with Evil."


Tommy has just arrived in Angel Grove and is told about Jason Lee Scott and what a great sparring partner he'll make for the young martial artist. Rita Repulsa ponders her failures at the hands of the Power Rangers and reminisces her great successes, including defeating Rooten-Toomen on Rutabaga 6. It turns out that she tricked Rooten-Toomen into a piece treaty (to which she didn't show up) so she could get the sixth power at the Desert of Despair. She finds it locked within a Ninjor statue, but is confronted by guards before she could get it. In the showdown with Rooten-Toomen, she tricks him into destroying Ninjor's statue, and in the feedback from the blasts of both their staffs, she gets the sixth of the Power Coins. The only reason she doesn't use the power years later when she is confronted by the Rangers is because she hasn't found a good enough Ranger to hold the power and she couldn't seem to find the coin in her belongings. Seeing her frustration, Finster suggests she attacks the Rangers with another monster Korruptor.

Korruptor arrives on Earth and goes after the Rangers. Recognizing the danger, Tommy confronts Korruptor before he gets to the Rangers. He tries spewing acid on Tommy, however, his acid is designed specifically to work against Ranger weapons. Tommy puts up a very good fight, to which Rita takes notice.

Rita makes Korruptor grow and the Power Rangers see him. While the Rangers battle Korruptor in the Megazord, Rita attempts to sway Tommy to the dark side by gleaning from some of his memories. Tommy buys time by convincing Rita he's listening. The Megazord begins to fail against Korruptor's acid. Realizing water can counter him, Tommy dislodges a water tanker and the Megazord begins to gain ground, eventually defeating Korruptor. Rita is frustrated and goes back to her lunar palace only to find out that the sixth Power Coin had been balancing her mirror.


  • Tommy's bio page spells his surname Olver and says that he's one of the few unpowered humans capable of wining against the Putties.


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