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Goin' Ape is the fifteenth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 and thirty-ninth episode overall.


Ravi and Roxy's anniversary hits a major snag when a misunderstanding gets out of control.


Today is Ravi and Roxy’s anniversary, and as the former waits for a taxi on a bench, an old woman sits beside him and peeks into his art folder. Inside, the woman sees that Ravi painted a portrait of himself and Roxy as a gift, calling him both sweet and talented. As the taxi arrives, Ravi goes to it to meet up with Roxy, only to forget his folder due to his haste. Fortunately for the old woman, Ravi wrote down his name and phone number on the folder.

When Ravi arrives at Riptide Gym to meet Roxy, he is on the phone with the old woman, thanking her for calling him about his misplaced bag. He does not tell Roxy about who that was on the phone, but she does not mind too much as she reveals her present to him, a candlelight lunch provided by Ben and Betty and a custom made bracelet so Ravi can think of her even though their lives have been busy. However, the mood is soured when Ravi says that he does not have his gift for Roxy now, but promises that she will get it soon. While Ravi gets smoothies for them, his phone goes off on the table and Roxy sees a text from a person named Stacy who calls one of his paintings amazing. When Roxy asks Ravi who Stacy is, the latter gets angry at her for not only snooping at his phone but accuses him of seeing someone else. Ravi does not give Roxy a proper explanation as he expects her to trust him and leaves in a huff.

In the Crystal Dimension, Evox is angry that the Power Rangers have kept interfering with his plans, and all he has are three useless robots who do nothing but fail all the time. Robo-Roxy claims that she can best the Rangers thanks to her new Flower Form, but Evox orders her to prove it by destroying one of them. Robo-Roxy decides to go after Ravi and promises to Evox that by the end of the day, the Blue Ranger will be history.

As Ravi walks alone on the beach, Smash comes by to see how he is doing. Ravi admitted that the situation between him and Roxy got tense and asks Smash if he was trustworthy. Smash says that he was trustworthy, but before the conversation can go any further, Robo-Roxy teleports in and morphs. Ravi tells Smash to call the others before morphing himself and takes on Robo-Roxy. However, it becomes clear that Robo-Roxy’s Flower Form is the strongest of the two, even when Ravi uses his gorilla strength against her. So, Ravi activates Beast-X Mode, but even then, it is still not enough as Robo-Roxy smacks him away with enough force to deactivate Beast-X Mode. As Robo-Roxy taunts Ravi for being a hothead, the latter, beginning to overheat, shoots at her to no avail. Suddenly, Zoey arrives and uses her jackrabbit jump to get them away from Robo-Roxy, but an overheated Ravi begins to attack her, just as the other Rangers arrive to help. While they try to calm down Ravi, Devon, already in Beast-X Mode, goes after Robo-Roxy himself. However, Ravi refuses to calm down and attacks the Rangers, forcing Zoey to call for the Chopper Zord as Nate and Steel are knocked down. Having no other choices, Zoey grabs Ravi and drags him into the water below the cliff in hopes he can cool off. Jack arrives in the Chopper Zord to take Ravi and Zoey back to base, while Nate and Steel join Devon in battling Robo-Roxy. Seeing that she is outnumbered, Robo-Roxy retreats to the Crystal Dimension.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Nate does a bio scan on Ravi, who is still mad at Robo-Roxy and is still in his aggressive state. Nate is confused as to why Ravi is still overheating even though he is not fighting anybody, but Ravi rudely brushes it off before heading out. However, Roxy comes into the lab as Smash wanted her and Ravi to talk it out, but the latter demands an apology from the former for not trusting him. Roxy snaps that Ravi should have told her who Stacy was, leading the latter to take off the bracelet and storming out of the lab. Sadden by this, Roxy tells the other Rangers that Ravi has been receiving texts from a woman named Stacy and fears he gave the woman one of her paintings, but just then, Ben and Betty come in with the old woman Ravi met earlier that day. She gives Devon Ravi’s folder and revealed that her name is Stacy, explaining to Roxy that she texted Ravi for plans to meet up so she can give him back the folder he left behind. Roxy sees the portrait Ravi made for her and feels guilty that she did not trust her boyfriend. Then, Nate realizes that if Ravi and Roxy had an argument before he fought Robo-Roxy, then it could explain why the former was still overheating. Knowing this, the Rangers decide to go find Ravi and get him to cool down before any permanent damage could occur to the Blue Ranger.

In the Crystal Dimension, Robo-Blaze mocks Robo-Roxy’s failed attempt to destroy Ravi, calling it one of the most miserable efforts he has ever seen. Although Robo-Roxy brushes that comment away, Evox agrees with Robo-Blaze and prepares to punish her properly. Before he does so, Robo-Roxy called that fight unfair as she was winning against Ravi, and only lost because the other Rangers arrived to help him. Evox reluctantly gives Robo-Roxy another chance, but orders Robo-Blaze to accompany her so nobody will get in her way.

Meanwhile, Ravi walks in the Hartmond nature park, still mad about Roxy’s accusations as he recalls moments he had with her up until today. Suddenly, the Robo-Generals teleport in as Robo-Roxy fires at Ravi, only for the latter to fire back. Both groups morph as Robo-Roxy attacks Ravi with her blasters, causing him to become more overheated. The other Rangers get word from this from Commander Shaw and arrive at the park to see Ravi fighting against Robo-Roxy. They morph to help Ravi, but Robo-Blaze summons the Tronics to keep them from helping, taking on Devon himself. Devon goes into Beast-X Mode and destroys Robo-Blaze with a Cheetah Charge, just as the others finish off the Tronics. Meanwhile, the fight between Ravi and Robo-Roxy moves to the bridge above a ravine, but the latter continues to overpower the Blue Ranger. Zoey comes to help Ravi out, but the latter shoot at her due to being in an overheated state, only for Nate to come to the rescue. Eventually, Ravi shoots out the bridge and causes him and Robo-Roxy to fall into the ravine below. While Robo-Roxy gets out of the water, Ravi suddenly comes in with the Beast-X Spin Saber and destroys her with a couple of slashes. When the other Rangers arrive, Ravi attacks them, only for them to restrain him and drag him back to Grid Battleforce.

Once back at base, Ben and Betty go to get something to cool Ravi out, while the Rangers bring him back to the lab. Roxy apologizes to Ravi for not trusting him and shows him the portrait Stacy gave her. Roxy begs Ravi to forgive her as she puts the bracelet on him, and he finally manages to calm down and stop overheating. Ravi forgives Roxy and apologizes as well, causing the couple to embrace. Suddenly, Ben and Betty, unaware that Ravi has already cooled down, toss cold water at him and Roxy.



  • Ravi tells Smash to call the other Rangers despite the fact that the Beast-X Morpher doubles as a communicator.
  • Ravi calls Roxy's upgrades "new" despite the fact that this must be at least a week after she got them since everything calmed down since the last attack.
  • Before the intro, Roxy says "you won't last long, little boy blue" but after it she says "you're history blue" despite both being the same idea (ie the definitive shot of Roxy charging).
  • The Chopper Zord arrives impossibly quickly since it was coming from the city which is quite away from the sea.
    • Also, it was coming from the wrong direction since the city is behind where the fight takes place and not in the far north.
  • The entire flashback footage used from Target: Tower of the real Roxy in her coma was flipped horizontally.
  • It seems Nate and Steel are still using the Beast-X Morphers instead of the Striker Morphers
  • During the forest fight, the leaves on the ground just randomly appear and disappear.
  • When Blaze, and Roxy show up behind Ravi, two people in the background don't seem to notice them.
  • Despite overheating, the steam on Ravi continues to disappear.
  • When Zoey talks the Ravi on the bridge, the production crew can be seen reflecting off her visor.


  • This episode presents Ravi Shaw's first solo morph sequence.
  • First time Ravi overheats since "Seeing Red" (although he almost did during "Secret Struggle").
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the real Roxy since Save Our Shores although Blaze returns in the next episode.
  • The actress who portrayed Stacey (Ilona Rodgers) previously portrayed Kendall Morgan's grandmother Betty in Dino Super Charge.
  • Robo-Blaze and Robo-Roxy are destroyed for the sixth time, in this episode.
  • This episode features no Robotrons, nor does it contain a Megazord battle.
    • It does however contain the Chopper Zord since Zoey uses it to cool off an enraged Ravi.
  • This is the first appearance of Blaze in Sentai footage.
    • All previous footage used of his was US created since his Sentai counterpart only spent a handful of episodes in his morphed form in Go-Busters and he mainly stayed in his human form.
  • The reason why Zoey engages against Ravi the most after he overheats is that in the Sentai version Yoko (Zoey's Go-Busters counterpart) and Ryuji (Ravi's Go-Busters counterpart) had a falling out prior to battling against Escape (Roxy's counterpart). Escape intentionally makes Ryuji overheat so she can have a good fight.
  • Ravi's phone number having a 408 area code (San Jose area), combined with Coral Harbor being near water, means that Coral Harbor is either near or standing in for the real-life cities of Sunnyvale or Milpitas in California.

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