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[[Category:Dai Sentai Goggle V]]
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This article is about a/an mecha and its components in Dai Sentai Goggle V.

Goggle Robo (ゴーグルロボ, Gōguru Robo) - A giant robot that is comprised of three giant vehicles that combine when the command "Go! Go! Change!" is given. Its main weapon is the Earth Sword (地球剣, Chikyū Ken) and it destroys monsters with its finishing attacks like the Electron Galaxy Cut (電子銀河切り, Denshi Ginga Kiri) and the Electron Galaxy Missile (電子銀河ミサイル, Denshi Ginga Misairu). Its other weapons are the Goggle Hand (ゴーグルハンド, Gōguru Hando) and the Hand Missile (ハンドミサイル, Hando Misairu), Goggle Flash (ゴーグルフラッシュ, Gōguru Furasshu) and Goggle Spin (ゴーグルスピン, Gōguru Supin).

Goggle Jet

Goggle Jet (ゴーグルジェット, Gōguru Jetto) - Goggle Red's mecha. It is stored in the Goggle Container 1, with wings retracted. It forms the GoggleRobo's head and chest. It can shoot down Deathfighters, but Ken'ichi can also outmaneuver them. Since it is a jet, it can take off while the Gogglecaesar is in flight.

Goggle Tank

Goggle Tank (ゴーグルタンク, Gōguru Tanku) - GoggleBlue's mecha. It attacks with a retractable missile launcher. It forms the GoggleRobo's arms and back.

Goggle Dump

Goggle Dump (ゴーグルダンプ, Gōguru Danpu) - Goggle Yellow's mecha. It has a rectangular cavity in the back. It forms the GoggleRobo's legs.

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