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The Goggle Caesae (ゴーグルシーザー Gōguru Shīzā), sometimes translated as Goggle Caesar, is a flying fortress that is launched from a pad beneath Kourakuen Stadium, launches three numbered carriers which contain the components of the GoggleRobo. It is driven by Goggle Black and Goggle Pink to aid the Goggle Robo in battle. For armaments it shoots missiles from its "mouth", has a tractor beam below the missile launcher, and from the bow can fire a beam that can either thaw ice or cool surges of heat.

Tiger Mozoo attempted to use the Super Destruction Bomb to destroy Goggle Caesae for Deathdark but was thwarted by Goggle V. Ep. 33: Great Explosion of Caesar?!

Goggle Container 1-3

Three remote controlled carrier pods carried by Goggle Caesae. Goggle Jet is carried by Goggle Container 1, Goggle Tank by Goggle Container 2, and Goggle Dump by Goggle Container 3.


Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai

Years later, Goggle Caesae appeared as part of an army of robots, animals, jets, machines and vehicles belonging to the first 25 red heroes. As anticipated by Soukichi Banba (Big One), they were led by Akira Shinmei (AoRenger) and Chief Counsellor Naoyuki Miura to help fight Lost Highness Rakushaasa. Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai


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