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the God Eye

The God Eye (ゴッドアイ Goddo Ai) is a treasure on-board the legendary Ghost Ship. It is said to be able to grant any one wish. It was in the possession of Los Dark who could never use it as only a person who was alive may do so. The God Eye is stored in the Ghost Ship on the eye socket of a giant skull, the mouth of which is the door to a pocket dimension.

Los Dark lures the Gokaigers into trying to acquire the God Eye in order to drain them of their last force- the last batch he needs. He attempts to trap them in a pocket dimension in space. The team holds back the enemy forces inside while allowing Marvelous to return to the ship. Once returned Marvelous uses the God Eye to return his comrades to him, rendering the treasure forever useless.

His "official" story is that the God Eye was fake. However, his crew knows better. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Movie: The Flying Ghost Ship


  • Incidentally, the God Eye's power seems to be a far simpler and inferior version of that of the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, which the Gokaigers pursue throughout the series. While the God Eye could only grant one wish before it became worthless, the Greatest Treasure could grant any wishes of its possessor(s) without limit, even going as far as altering history, allowing them infinite control over reality.
    • However, of the two, the God Eye is the most cost-friendly of the two, as the God Eye requires someone that is alive to use it, while the Greatest Treasure requires all of the Greater Powers of the previous 34 Super Sentai, then erases them from history forever.
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