This article is about a/an Precious in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

God's Head

  • Hazard Level: 170

God's Head (神の頭 Kami no Kashira) is an artifact created by an ancient civilization, it is said to be akin to a computer CPU, with the mental capacity to run even modern technology systems for both positive and negative purposes. The three original Boukengers (Akashi, Souta and Sakura) had previously tried to obtain the Precious, but it had eluded them at the time until Souta had tracked it down to the Dark Shadow obtaining it. The ninja team tries to create two different points where the Precious would be given up, which the Boukengers try to infiltrate simultaneously. However it was a trick with both set up as traps: Yaiba lead Masumi, Natsuki and Eiji into combat with himself and Karths while Shizuka of the Wind trapped Souta and Sakura in a science complex taken over by the supposed God's Head, but in actuality the Tsukumogami Mamorigami. The true God's Head appeared to be actually sold off to a person in the black market, but ultimately the Boukengers had one-upped the Dark Shadow: the informant they sold it to was Akashi in disguise, while the Akashi who appeared to help them out was actually Morio sent to make them think that the whole team was there and that their mission had failed. Task 35: The Head of God

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