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"Insolent fools, take that."
―Goatan's first words (from the goat head) before he attacked Bulk and Skull.[src]

"Ah, lunch. Ah ha ha ha!"
―Goatan when confronted by four Power Rangers.[src]

"You're all talk, Ranger."
―Goatan after Zack swore revenge for ruining his date with Angela and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"Glad to see you've cooled off, Rangers. Now for the icing on the cake! Ha ha ha!"
―Goatan (through the lion head) before charging at the Megazord with a ice hockey stick as well as his final words before his destruction.[src]

The Noble Lion Trophy

Goatan (also known as the Storm Bringer) was a weather-controlling sports themed chimera monster who served as the primary antagonist of the episode "Lions & Blizzards".


Goatan is created by Rita when she casts a spell on the Noble Lion Trophy that Bulk and Skull stole from a karate monster in the countryside outside Angel Grove as they are bitter over losing. The enchantment to do so is "Scabs, weasels, moons of Cryon make me a monster -- half goat, half lion." Goatan is able to control the environment and his weapons are a crossbow and a hockey stick. When the trophy turns into Goatan, Bulk and Skull get scared as Goatan attacks, resulting in them offering the monster catnip because of his lion head. Enraged, Goatan blasts the duo with energy streamers until they fall into the nearby pond. Goatan's weather-controlling ability affect Angel Grove and even caused it to be placed under a tornado warning.

Goatan then go to the quarry whilst Zordon briefs four of the Power Rangers (bar Zack who is on a date with Angela). When he is challenged by four of the Rangers, Goatan easily overpowers them, beating them soundly. Even Kimberly and her Power Bow are useless as the monster deflects several arrows and his bow is stronger than her own by slicing through her arrow and striking her out of the sky. Although Jason blasts him down with his Blade Blaster and makes him lose his bow, he instead picks up and swings around a tree log, sending the Rangers flying onto the beach where he envelops them in a giant energy cyclone generated by the mouth of the goat head. Luckily, Alpha manages to contact Zack who tears himself away from Angela. He morphs, arrives, and takes Goatan down with his Power Axe. With the monster down, Rita has to make him grow so the Rangers summon their Dinozords and form the Megazord. Generating a snowstorm during the fight, Goatan proves to be a complete match for the Megazord until he is punched down so he unleashes a spray of his ice breath, encasing the Megazord in a thick sheet of ice. Goatan then draws a hockey stick and charges but Zack had the idea to make the Megazord spin off the snow, both shaking off the snow and hypnotizing Goatan in the process. It quickly gets free and punches him down before Zack summons the Power Sword. Goatan charges but is slain by an energy slash, being bowled over backwards and exploding on impact with the ground.

Unlike most objects that get turned into monsters, the Noble Lion Trophy was not restored after Goatan's destruction.


Goatan was a ruthless, cold and arrogant monster that would do anything in his power to destroy the Power Rangers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Extraordinary Leaper: Goatan could leap as high as a tall mound of dirt with a single bound.
    • Extraordinary Jumper: In the same jump, Goatan jumped several hundred feet.
  • Deflection: Goatan deflected two Power Bow arrows with a swipe of his claws.
  • Weather Control: Goatan's primary ability was being able to control the weather by unleashing a relevant stream of the relevant element from the goat mouth on his chest and stomch.
    • Thunder Storms: Goatan could create very powerful thunder storms at will.
    • Hurricanes: Goatan could cause destructive hurricanes.
    • Tornadoes: Goatan could create destructive tornadoes.
    • Blizzards: Goatan could unleash powerful blizzards.
      • Blizzard Breath: Also from the goat's head, Goatan could fire out an ice blizzard which is cold enough to freeze the entire Megazord.
  • Energy String Breath: Goatan could charge orange energy into his chest and spew out light orange colored energy strings from the lion's mouth. These restrained Bulk and Skull immediately.
  • Eye Lasers: Goaton could fire strong light pink colored energy lasers from the lion's eyes strong enough to take down four Rangers with one hit.
  • Twister Blast: From the goat's head on his chest, Goatan could launch a red tornado to trap his enemies in.


  • Strength: Goatan possessed superhuman strength, being able to pick up and swing tree logs around with inhuman ease.
  • Durability: Goatan took a devastating slash from Zack's Power Axe (which landed from atop a cliff) but survived it.
  • Expert Archer: Goatan was very skilled using his massive black Olympic style bow, shooting through a Power Bow arrow and taking down Kimberly.


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  • Claws: Even without his weapons, Goatan possessed clawed lion hands to hack and slash his enemies.
  • Tree Log: During the battle with the Rangers, Goatan acquired a tree log which he used as a melee weapon to smack the Rangers with.
  • Crossbow: Goatan's first weapon was a crossbow that can fire arrows and was strong enough to go though the Pink Ranger's Power Bow.
  • Ice Hockey Stick: Goatan's second weapon was an ice hockey stick that he could use to smash apart his opponents.

Behind the Scenes



Goatan is based on the chimera from Greek mythology.


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Goatan's defeat.

Dora Chimera's defeat

  • Goatan was the final monster from Zyuranger to appear in the show.
  • The shot of Goatan falling from the Power Axe blow cut out him falling on his face and exploding.
  • Goatan was arguably the most dangerous monster in all of Season 1 since his powers could have utterly destroyed the Earth and he may have even finished off the Rangers had he not been mesmerized by the spinning Megazord.


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