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Go Hayami

Go Hayami

Go Hayami 
is the father of Umika Hayami.


He seemed to value Umika's education as she went to an all girls school and that she wants to drop out due to becoming Lupin Yellow (not that he knows this, and Kogure seems to have not told him either). 

He might also be overprotective as he first thought she was in a relationship with Kairi (even though she is in one with Sakuya, which not mentioned of at all in the episode, ironicly).

It's currently unknown how he would react after Umika reveal herself to be one of the phantom thieves.


  • He is the first father to appear in the series:
    • As Tsukasa was raised by her grandfather.
    • His wife makes a cameo, but her name isn't mentioned.
  • He breifly met Sakuya after Noel and the Patrangers saved him and Kairi from Ryugu Tamatebacco, but him being related to Umika is not pointed out.


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