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Go Go Power Rangers #7 is the seventh issue of the Go Go Power Rangers comic by Boom! Studios that focuses on the daily lives of the Power Rangers. It features the origin story of how Baboo came to serve Rita Repulsa.


It's Homecoming at Angel Grove High! But as tensions run high amongst the Rangers, will they be able to band together to stop Rita and make it to the dance on time?


A little over 10,000 years ago, Rita Repulsa had invaded another unnamed planet home to a race called the Pongies with the help of a shark monster Finster had created named Rammerhead, who breaks down the protected gate of the capital kingdom. She is surprised to see that the armies of this planet and its king have been turned to stone, a magical feat not of her doing. This makes her realize why conquering this particular world was so easy. Squatt finds a lanky Pongie in a red robe who hasn't been petrified and brings him to Rita. The creature begs for mercy and cries that it wasn't his fault. He introduces himself as Baboo to Rita and explains that he is King Bautee's potion maker and magical consort. Bautee wanted Baboo to create an experimental potion that would make the armies of his world indestructible to repel Rita's forces. But the king was impatient and the spell to craft the potion was dangerous. Not heeding Baboo's warnings, King Bautee and the planet's entire army guzzled the potion down and rather than make them invincible, it turned them to stone. With no armies of thier own to defend the planet, the Pongies of the kingdom fled to escape Rita's oncoming armies. Baboo thinks of himself as a failure and begs Rita to end his life so he doesn't have to live with the disgrace of what he has done as he weeps over the petrified body of his king.

Surprisingly, Rita shows mercy and admires Baboo's loyalty to his king. She tells Baboo that she will spare him and give him purpose in life if he gives that same amount of loyalty to her in return as her potion maker...

Back in Angel Grove in the present, the team is still shocked over Billy's decision to quit the Power Rangers, aside from Jason who is more disappointed in Billy's quitter attitude. Billy tells them he is being realistic, he is not a fighter, he has made several mistakes that have endangered the team and worries if one of those mistakes could cost someone their life, perhaps even one of theirs. Zack sarcastically responds to this as a possibility, but Trini elbows him and tells Billy that they know the risks involved and they all get scared and worry about it at times. Jason agrees, saying that with training and self-improvement of their instincts, they will get stronger. Billy disagrees, thinking someone who already has that instinct, is cool under pressure and trustworthy is better suited to be the Blue Ranger. Matthew Cook fits that niche perfectly. Zack is worried and tries to tell Billy about how weird "Matt" is acting, but Jason interrupts and thinks Kimberly planted the idea in Billy's head somehow due to how sudden this is. She is offended by this accusation and Billy stops the two from bickering by explaining he was late because of his interview with Promethea during the fight at Dave's Drive-In Theater. While he doesn't regret being a Ranger, he wants to be part of the tech firm's space and robotics research and doesn't think he can continue his Ranger duties if he accepts. Jason tells Billy that Zordon didn't choose Matt, he chose Billy for a reason and not just because he was in the same group that got teleported together. Billy promises that if they want him to stay he will, but he finally admits that he is afraid and they need someone brave with or without powers to be on the team. "Imagine what Matt could do with those powers."

At the dojo, "Matt" and Jason are sparring, with the former asking Jason if he asked Trini to Homecoming. Jason says he isn't going as he wants a quiet drama-free night as "Matt" counters his punch and flips him over. "Matt" says he wasn't trying to make Jason's friendship with Trini more awkward when he asked the first time. Jason understands and says it is fine as he was just looking out for him. "Matt" admits that he doesn't feel like the good guy doing that..showing regret.

In the library, Violet Arias is studying and gets a series of texts from someone anonymous about her riddle, who asks her to to turn around. Violet sees Zack behind her and gets embarrassed about being his secret admirer, hiding her face behind a book and trying to talk Zack out of it by saying she had a crush but it was a mistake. Zack thinks it was very flattering of her to send the note and admires her intelligence. Violet at first thinks Zack is making fun of her and tells him her offer was a moonshot that wasn't meant to be and to forget it, but is surprised when Zack politely asks her to be his homecoming date for the dance and it would be an honor for her to accompany him.

On the day of Homecoming, Trini and Kimberly are getting pampered at Jazmin's Beauty Salon to get ready for the big event. Trini says she is going to be Billy's date and convinced him to come to the dance in exchange for coming over to his house to watch a Cosmos marathon next weekend. Kimberly is surprised Trini didn't ask Jason out, but she replies that Jason is acting weird around her. Kimberly thinks its just the dance and admits even Matt is acting weird. Both agree that this is their big night and no awkwardness from the boys will put a damper on it. At a men's department store, "Matt", Billy and Zack are trying on rental tuxedos. Zack, still suspicious of "Matt", makes up a story about how as young children if they all planned to go to a dance, they would wear suits of armor and swords. "Matt" "remembers" that time and walks off to try on a new vest. Zack then warns Billy to keep an eye on "Matt", as the made up story confirms he is a possible imposter.

On the Moon, Squatt is about to feed the real Matt in his cell, only for the bumbling blue buffoon to be captured by him. Matt used the fork he kept to pry open the locks of his shackles to break free. Matt threatens Squatt with the fork and orders him to take him to where he can escape back to Earth.

At Roger Hart's residence, Billy and "Matt" arrive to pick up their dates. Roger Hart gives the overprotective dad intimidation of threatening to take them in his truck and bury them on his vast property if Kimberly isn't treated well. Helen calms her ex-husband down and Kimberly says that her father isn't as scary as he seems. Kimberly and Trini come downstairs to get ready and the boys give their dates their corsages. Kimberly tells "Matt" that he looks like a James Bond-type spy. "Matt" admits he feels like one.

At the dance, Zack is doing what he can to make Violet feel more comfortable around people and charming her. Zack then goes over to let Violet meet his friends. Meanwhile, Jason is at home wearing a red tuxedo, trying to convince himself that it won't be awkward and he is just going to a party to be with his friends. He doesn't need a date and tries to tell himself it won't be weird around Trini.

The students take pictures and then dance. Violet wonders why Zack picked her as he is popular enough to get any other girl. Zack says that she is his date because she was the only one who actually cared about him and not the dance. Billy feels awkward dancing with Trini, knowing that she probably wanted to dance with Jason, but she says it is fine and she doesn't mind. Skull is getting along with Tasha, but Bulk is slowly becoming smitten with Hailey, who is surprised at how much of a gentleman Mr. Bulkmeir is and even thinks she will dance with him some more after gong to the ladies room to freshen up. Bulk blushes and smiles, but his happy moment is ruined when Marleu and her posse show up. The selfish Marleau demands that Bulk not participate in the Homecoming King election, as she is insulted by his very presence and the possibility of winning anything. Bulk refuses to be intimidated and stands up for himself, but Marleau reveals she is going to ruin Hailey's night by having the jocks dump buckets of paint on her. Bulk begs Marleau not to hurt her, which Marleau agrees to...provided that the Homecoming King crown never touches his head.

"Matt" is feeling awkward around Kimberly and experiencing feelings of guilt and shame as Kimberly talks to him about how great everything is in their relationship. He begs her to stop and almost confesses he isn't who he says he is, but is interrupted by Mr. Caplan announcing on stage it is time for the election results for Homecoming King and Queen. Kimberly wants to hear the results, so tells "Matt" she will hear him out later. Marleau is elected the Homecoming Queen, to the surprise of no one as Violet and Zack speculate Marleau's dad must have bribed the school with a donation for a new scoreboard in the football stadium. As Mr. Caplan is preparing to announce the winner for Homecoming King, Bulk looks at Hailey and is sad. Bulk then asks Mr. Caplan if he can withdraw, to which Mr. Caplan says he cannot. Bulk then summons his courage and makes a complete fool of himself, claiming that his entry into the election was just a big joke to make fun of the event, saying how funny it would be for a fat guy to be up on stage with the popular kids. Mr. Caplan disqualifies him and orders Bulk to leave, giving him detention for disrupting the event. This unfortunately makes everyone think Bulk is a jerk who tricked them and boo at him...including Hailey. Bulk sadly walks away, commenting to the evil Marleau: "Enjoy, Your Majesty." as he sheds a tear.

Mr. Caplan tries to get things going again and announce the Homecoming King, only for the real Matthew Cook to stumble on stage and explains to Zack and Trini that he was abducted by aliens on the Moon. Zack realizes his suspicions were on the nose and Kimberly sees the fake Matt running for it. The gang decide to chase after it before it goes "Body Snatchers" again. Billy finds the janitor on the floor, who says that the phony Matt went down the hall. It is revealed the Janitor is the Infiltrator Putty, who changes back into Matt and informs Rita that his mission has been compromised due to the real Matt's escape. He tries to head for the exit, only to be blocked by Jason, who kicks him. The Putty tries to explain that it has changed, but Jason will hear none of its explanation and morphs into the Red Ranger. The Putty admits it doesn't want to hurt Jason but will and can counter all of his fighting moves. The rest of the team arrive morphed and Zack puts the final pieces together, realizing that the fake Matt had switched places with the real Matt when he was sent to the hospital during the attack by Flog. The fake Matt tries to explain that he did nothing to hurt the real Matt and it was Rita who did this, but an angry Kimberly prepares to shoot him if he doesn't reveal what he really is. The Putty is reluctant, but after being shot, he is ordered by Rita to complete his task. The Putty tells the Power Rangers he isn't like normal Putties, he was made to befriend them and then when they were at their weakest, to destroy them. The fake Matt then changes into a hideous humanoid creature of clay with multiple faces, mantis mandibles and monster heads and prepares to attack the Power Rangers.

To Be Continued...



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    Movie Variant Cover Reference: Heathers
  • This was the last full story arc issue of Go Go Power Rangers for Spring 2018 before deviating into the Shattered Grid comic book crossover story starting with next issue's prelude. The regular storylines would resume in September after the event was over.
  • Zack mentions as the phony Matt flees that they cannot let him get away and have a "Body Snatchers" situation again. This is a reference to the classic 1956 sci-fi horror film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, whose premise is about alien lifeforms that capture humans and then replace them.
  • The city of Angel Grove is expanded upon further, as Jazmin's Beauty Salon and the home of Mr. Hart are seen in this issue.
  • Ms. Appleby makes a short cameo during the Homecoming Election, her first appearance in the comic series since Issue 2.



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