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GoGo Voyager (ゴーゴーボイジャー GōGō Boijā) is the Boukengers' fourth mecha that first appeared in Task 33. It is comprised of GoGo Machines 14 through 18. It is an amphibious battleship that has four sets of Voyager Cannons (ボイジャーキャノン Boijā Kyanon). GoGo Carrier forms the main body, GoGo Roader connects to the front, GoGo Fighter goes on top of GoGo Carrier's cabin, GoGo Attacker goes on top of GoGo Fighter, and GoGo Commander goes on the end.


GoGo Vehicles

GoGo Commander

The fourteenth GoGo Vehicle, GoGo Commander (ゴーゴーコマンダー GōGō Komandā) splits from GoGo Voyager. It is a lightly-armored vehicle piloted by BoukenRed that becomes the head of DaiVoyager. It gathers and analyzes information from the battle for the rest of the team. When GoGo Voyager is solely piloted, it is controlled from the cockpit of GoGo Commander.


GoGo Carrier

The fifteenth GoGo Vehicle, GoGo Carrier (ゴーゴーキャリアー GōGō Kyariā) splits from GoGo Voyager. It is a heavily-armored freighter vehicle piloted by BoukenBlack that becomes the body and legs of DaiVoyager. It carries dangerous Precious and materials for the team.


GoGo Fighter

The sixteenth GoGo Vehicle, GoGo Fighter (ゴーゴーファイター GōGō Faitā) splits from GoGo Voyager. It is a highly maneuverable fighter jet vehicle piloted by BoukenBlue that becomes the shoulders of DaiVoyager. It has two Voyager Cannons, the main weapons of GoGo Voyager and


GoGo Attacker

The seventeenth GoGo Vehicle, GoGo Attacker (ゴーゴーアタッカー GōGō Atakkā) splits from GoGo Voyager. It is an attacker/bomber vehicle piloted by BoukenYellow that becomes the chest of DaiVoyager. It is equipped with two Voyager Cannons, machine guns, and rocket launchers. Its specialty is dive bombing.


GoGo Roader

The eighteenth GoGo Vehicle, GoGo Roader (ゴーゴーローダー GōGō Rōdā) splits from GoGo Voyager. It is a steamroller-like vehicle piloted by BoukenPink that becomes the arms of DaiVoyager. Its giant roller flattens out unsafe terrains.


Extreme GoGo Gattai DaiVoyager

"Extreme/Superior/Transcendental/Excellent Rumbling Fusion! DaiVoyager!"

To transform from GoGo Voyager to Transcendent Rumbling Combination DaiVoyager (超絶轟轟合体ダイボイジャー Chōzetsu Gōgō Gattai DaiBoijā), the Boukenger press the Gattai button on their Accelulars and then center of the wheel of their Bouken Drivers. Attacks with Voyager Cannons, where it let's out a barrage of energy bullets through the turrets and its rotating fists for its Adventure Double Screw (アドベンチャーダブルスクリュー Adobenchā Daburu Sukuryū) finisher, where it's fists began to spin rapidly and glow in energy before it let's out a left lunch, a right punch, and finally a double punch, it has an alternate attack where it spins it's fists rapidly then blast out a golden tornado. In the series finale, GoGo Voyager was used as a spacecraft, driven by Satoru and a stowaway Sakura, as they search for Precious in space. Its suit actor was Yasuhiro Takeuchi.

Appearances:: 34-36, 41, 43, 44, 48 & 49, Boukenger vs. Super Sentai & Gekiranger vs. Boukenger.

Additional Formations

DaiVoyager Drill & Shovel

Introduced in Episode 43. GoGo Drill and GoGo Shovel replaces GoGo Roader and GoGo Fighter to form DaiVoyager Drill & Shovel (ダイボイジャードリル&ショベル DaiBōken Doriru & Shoberu). Its final attack is Drill Attack.

Appearances:: 43

Voyager DaiBouken

See also: Operation Overdrive Arsenal Ready

Voyager DaiBouken (ボイジャーダイボウケン Boijā Daibōken) is formed when DaiBouken rides on GoGo Voyager in the Riding Formation (ライディングフォーメーション Raidingu Fōmēshon). This is where DaiBouken rides on top of GoGo Voyager where its method of attack is using GoGoVoyagers' Voyager cannons and the swordplay of Daibouken's GoGo Ken.

Its finishing attack is Riding Adventure Drive (ライディングアドベンチャードライブ Raidingu Adobenchā Doraibu) which is the Adventure Drive performed on top of GoGoVoyager. A more powerful version is Super Riding Adventure Drive (スーパーライディングアドベンチャードライブ Sūpā Raidingu Adobenchā Doraibu) where Zubaan in his sword form is used instead of the GoGoKen.

During this formation Eiji Takaoka (BoukenSilver) pilots GoGoVoyager in GoGoCommander's cockpit, while the rest of the team is piloting Daibouken.

Appearances:: 37, 42, 49

Burning Legend DaiVoyager

In GoGo Sentai Boukenger VS Super Sentai, with the power of AkaRed, DaiVoyager becomes Burning Legend DaiVoyager (バーニングレジェンドダイボイジャー Bāningu Rejendo DaiBoijā), armed with fiery wings, a blazing chestplate in the style of the Super Sentai Series "V" logo, and crimson fists over GoGo Roader's. Its attacks in this form are Double Fire Punch (ダブルファイヤーパンチ Daburu Faiyā Panchi) and 30th Super Sentai Soul (30thスーパー戦隊ソウル Sātīsu Sūpā Sentai Sōru) which utilizes the strength of all the Super Sentai teams. The Boukengers consider these special parts their own Precious.

Appearances:: Boukenger vs. Super Sentai


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