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DaiTanken (ダイタンケン DaiTanken, Great Expedition) is the rarely used secondary mech of the Boukengers, formed from GoGo Vehicles 6-10 in the Bouken Formation 2 (ボウケンフォーメーション2 Bōken Fōmēshon Tsū). DaiTanken first appeared in GoGo Sentai Boukenger The Movie: The Greatest Precious and then in the series in Tasks 40 and 42. Its finisher is Bouken Flash (ボウケンフラッシュ Bōken Furasshu), where a quartet of energy beams are fired from each limb. In the movie, it can also do the Big Red Bomber (ビッグレッドボンバー Biggu Reddo Bonbā) finisher, where the cockpit of GoGo Jet jettisons off of DaiTanken and bores through a target, destroying it.

Unlike DaiBouken and DaiVoyager, but like SirenBuilder, DaiTanken does not have a shared cockpit and can be operated by a single Boukenger. Satoru Akashi piloted DaiTanken in the movie and Episode 40, and Masumi Inou in Episode 42. Its suit actor was Hirofumi Fukuzawa.

Appearances: The Greatest Precious, & Boukenger Episodes 40 & 42.

GoGo Vehicles

Built to provide backup for the five primary GoGo Vehicles, GoGo Vehicles 6-10 lack a designated pilot and can be used by any of the Boukengers as a situation demands.

GoGo Drill

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Drill Driver

The sixth, GoGo Vehicle, GoGo Drill (ゴーゴードリル GōGō Doriru) is modelled after a drill tank and forms the right arm of DaiTanken, Super and Ultimate DaiBouken. Because its Parallel Engine was considerably more powerful than the others, piloting it placed a tremendous strain on the user's body.  Initially, out of fear of his teammates being injured, Bouken Red forbid any but himself to pilot GoGo Drill. But after the others managed to survive being trapped in an avalanche caused by the Madness Weather Precious, Bouken Red realized his team didn't need him to shelter them and ordered them all to undergo training to master GoGo Drill's power. Afterwards, Bouken Yellow became its default pilot.

When combining with DaiBouken, GoGo Drill replaces GoGo Dozer as the right arm to form DaiBouken Drill.

Appearances: Boukenger Episodes 4, 6, 8-14, 16-18, 20-24, 27-28, The Greatest Precious, Boukenger 29-31, 33, 38, 40, 42-43 46, 49, Gekiranger vs. Boukenger

GoGo Shovel

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Shovel Driver

The seventh GoGo Vehicle, GoGo Shovel (ゴーゴーショベル GōGō Shoberu) is modelled after an excavator and forms the left arm of DaiTanken, Super, and Ultimate DaiBouken. GoGo Shovel can wield its shovel like a club, slash opponents with its shovel blades, or grab opponents and toss them aside in its Shovel Swing (ショベルスィング Shoberu Singu) attack. Bouken Pink is its default pilot.

When combining with DaiBouken, GoGo Shovel replaces GoGo Marine as the left arm to form DaiBouken Shovel.

Appearances: Boukenger Episodes 5-6, 11-14, 16-18, 20-24, 27-28, The Greatest Precious, Boukenger 29-31, 33, 38, 40, 42-43, 46, 49, Gekiranger vs. Boukenger

GoGo Mixer

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Cement Driver

The eighth GoGo Vehicle, GoGo Mixer (ゴーゴーミキサー GōGō Mikisā)is modelled after a cement truck and is equipped with a cannon in its tumbler to spray targets with quick drying Hyper Concrete (ハイパーコンクリート Haipā Konkurīto) along with the twin ​Mixer Beam laser guns in its forward bumper.  It can also lay down pools of cement to trap opponents in its Agitation Shoot (アジテーションシュート Ajitēshon Shūto) attack.  Like any concrete mixer truck, GoGo Mixer requires both water (collected during launch as it drives through a waterfall) and mineral aggregates (fed into it by DaiBouken with the Go Scooper for the Hyper Concrete Mix) in order to produce cement. Bouken Blue is its default pilot.

When combining with DaiBouken, it replaces GoGo Marine as the left arm to form DaiBouken Mixer. It also forms the right leg of DaiTanken and the right foot of both Super and Ultimate DaiBouken.

Appearances: Boukenger Episodes 7-8, 10-14, 16-18, 20-24, 27-28, The Greatest Precious, Boukenger 29-31, 33, 38, 40, 42, 46, 49, Gekiranger vs. Boukenger

GoGo Crane

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Crane Driver

The ninth GoGo Vehicle, the GoGo Crane (ゴーゴークレーン GōGō Kurēn) is modeled after a crane truck.  GoGo Crane is able to launch its dual clawed Wire Hook as a rocket driven projectile to either strike or hook opponents while its arm is capable of extending several times its retracted length to lift up giant opponents and swing them around. Bouken Black is its default pilot.

When combining with DaiBouken, it replaces GoGo Marine as the left arm to form DaiBouken Crane. It also forms the left foot and helmet for Super DaiBouken, the left foot alone for Ultimate DaiBouken and the left leg for DaiTanken.

Appearances: Boukenger Episodes 9, 11-14, 16-18, 20-24, 27-28, The Greatest Precious, Boukenger 29-31, 33, 38, 40, 42, 46, 49, Gekiranger vs. Boukenger

GoGo Jet

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: Sonic Streaker

The tenth GoGo Vehicle, the GoGo Jet (ゴーゴージェット GōGō Jetto) was under construction until Task 16. Unlike the other GoGo Gattai Machines, this one is behind closed doors until needed. Its wingspan is so long, that the wings fold upward so that it can fit into its hangar. It uses a rail to take off, much like the Jetscrander from Mazinger Z (parts of the combination sequence also resemble that of Mazinger Z with the Jetscrander).

The cockpit of this mecha doubles as an exploration vehicle and the mecha itself is able to carry other GoGo Gattai Machines into action. It is armed with Ultimate Missiles (アルティメットミサイル Arutimetto Misairu), which can destroy Zorads. The wingtips have cannons, and GoGo Jet can also drop explosives like a military bomber. It combines with DaiBouken to form either DaiBouken Buster Mode (ダイボウケンバスターモード Daibōken Basutā Mōdo) or with SirenBuilder to form SirenBuilder Jet, although these combinations were never used. It forms the helmet, wings, back and shield for Ultimate DaiBouken and the head, body, and upper legs to DaiTanken.

BoukenRed is assigned this machine.

Appearances: Boukenger Episodes 16-18, 20-24, 27-28, The Greatest Precious, Boukenger 29-31, 33, 38, 40, 42, Gekiranger vs. Boukenger

Cho GoGo Gattai Super DaiBouken

"Super Rumbling Fusion! Super DaiBouken!"
―Combination announcement[src]

Super Rumbling Fusion Super DaiBouken (超轟轟合体スーパーダイボウケン Chō Gōgō Gattai Sūpā DaiBōken) is the combined form of DaiBouken and GoGo Vehicles 6-9 using the Super Formation (スーパーフォーメーション Sūpā Fōmēshon).  When activated, GoGo Gyro reforms and transfers onto GoGo Formula while while GoGo Drill and Shovel replace GoGo Dozer and Marine as the arms with the latter attaching to the back of DaiBouken's legs. DaiBouken then rotates its entire body around except for its head while GoGo Crane and Mixer attach as feet and the Wire Hook from GoGo Crane becomes its new helmet.

By using the wheels of GoGo Mixer and Crane, Super DaiBouken is able to "skate" across the battlefield which it uses to add momentum to its strikes.  Attacks include the Cannonball Head (キャノンボールヘッド Kyanonbōru Heddo) charging headbutt and the Wall Shoot (ウォールシュート Wōru Shūto) fired from the tumbler of GoGo Mixer mounted on its right ankle to trap any opponent that tries to ambush it from behind in Hyper Concrete (ハイパーコンクリート Haipā Konkurīto).  Its finisher is the Double Arm Crash (ダブルアームクラッシュ Daburu Āmu Kurasshu) where it charges forward and slashes the opponent with the Shovel Arm's claws before boring through them with the Drill Arm. Its suit actor was Jirō Okamoto.

Appearances: Boukenger Episodes 11-14, 16-17, 27-28, 30

Kyukyoku GoGo Gattai Ultimate DaiBouken

"Ultimate Rumbling Fusion! Ultimate DaiBouken!"
―Combination announcement[src]

Ultimate Rumbling Fusion Ultimate DaiBouken (究極轟轟合体アルティメットダイボウケン Kyūkyoku Gōgō Gattai Arutimetto DaiBōken) is formed from GoGo Vehicles 1-10 in the Ultimate Formation (アルティメットフォーメーション Arutimetto Fōmēshon). It attacks with Variable Typhoon (バリアブルタイフーン Bariaburu Taifūn) where it shoots out a tornado through the turbines of GoGo Gyro and it can be used to block or reflect attacks; Ultimate Beam (アルティメットビーム Arutimetto Bīmu), firing beams of yellow energy through the cannons of GoGo Jet, while being on the back of Ultimate Daibouken; Ultimate Kick (アルティメットキック Arutimetto Kikku), and the Ultimate Blaster (アルティメットブラスター Arutimetto Burasutā) where it shoots a flaming phoenix on its chestplate towards the opponent. Alternatively it can use Great Sword Man Zubaan for a stronger finisher attack Giant Holy Sword Slash (大聖剣斬り Dai Seiken Giri).

During this formation, Super DaiBouken flies into the air and GoGo Gyro dislodges from its position as the spine and moves to the lower chest, the majority of the GoGo Jet forming the wings, along with the undercarriage forming the upper chest, and the cockpit/nose of GoGo Jet covering DaiBouken's head completely. Its suit actor was Jirō Okamoto.

Appearances: Boukenger Episodes 16-18, 21-24, 29-31, 33, 38, 40-41, 46, 49, Gekiranger vs. Boukenger

Ultimate DaiBouken Aider & Police

Ultimate DaiBouken Aider & Police (アルティメットダイボウケンエイダー&ポリス Arutimetto Daibōken Eidā & Porisu) is a formation usually used whenever Ultimate DaiBouken switches arms with SirenBuilder for it to use other modes of battle.



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