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A list of merchandise for the 23rd Super Sentai series Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive.[1]

Roleplay Items

GGV gogobrace.png

  • GoGo Brace (ゴーゴーブレス Gōgō Buresu)

GGV vmodebrace.png

  • V Mode Brace (Vモードブレス Bui Mōdo Buresu)

GGV fivelaser.jpg

  • Five Laser (ファイブレイザー Faibu Reizā)

GGV fivelancer.png

  • V Lancer (ブイランサー Bui Ransā)

GGV goblaster.jpg

  • Go Blaster (ゴーブラスター Gō Burasutā)

GGV lifebird.jpg

  • Tranforming Multifunction Tool Life Bird (多機能変形ツール ライフバード Takinō Henkei tsūru Raifu Bādo)

GGV attache.jpg

  • GoGo Attache (ゴーゴーアタッシュ Gōgō Atasshu)

DX Mecha

1999 victoryrobo.png

  • Emergency Combination DX Chogokin Victory Robo (緊急合体 DX 超合金 ビクトリーロボ Kinkyū Gattai Derakkusu Chōgōkin Bikutorī Robo)

1999 grandliner.png

  • Coupling Combination DX Grand Liner (連結合体 DX グランドライナー Renketsu Gattai Derakkusu Gurando Rainā)

1999 maxliner.png

  • Express Armament DX Liner Boy (特急武装 DX ライナーボーイ Tokkyū Busō Derakkusu Rainā Bōi)

1999 victorymars.png

  • Meteor Combination DX Chogokin Victory Mars (流星合体 DX 超合金 ビクトリーマーズ Ryūsei Gattai Derakkusu Chōgōkin Bikutorī Māzu)

1999 blackmaxvictoryrobo.jpg

  • Black DX Max Victory Robo (ブラック DX マックスビクトリーロボ Burakku Derakkusu Makkusu Bikutorī Robo)

Box Art Gallery

Play Sets

GGV bayarea55.jpg

  • Liner Launching Base Bay Area 55 (ライナー発進基地 ベイエリア55 Rainā Hasshin Kichi Bei Eria Gō Gō)

GGV maxarea.jpg

  • Max Area (マックスエリア Makkusu Eria)

Action Figures

Rescue Action Series

Rescue Action Series

The Rescue Action Series (レスキューアクションシリーズ Resukyū Akushon Shirīzu) is a line of Chogokin Style figures and vehicles.

  1. Fire Commander w/ GoRed
  2. Attacker Pod TYPE-B w/ GoBlue
  3. Attacker Pod TYPE-G w/ GoGreen
  4. Attacker Pod TYPE-Y w/ GoYellow
  5. Attacker Pod TYPE-P w/ GoPink
  6. Red Ladder
  7. Green Hover

Rescue Battler Series

GGV RBseries.jpg

The Rescue Battler Series (レスキューバトラーシリーズ Resukyū Batorā Shirīzu) is a line of 5" action figures that were later re-released as part of the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue toyline.

PlaDelu (Plastic Deluxe) Mecha

GGV PDvictoryrobo.jpg

PlaDelu Victory Robo (プラデラ ビクトリーロボ Puradera Bikutorī Robo): A non-transforming robot figure. It can be separated at the waist to form Victory Walker. The included accessories are the Braver Sword and one extended ladder arm.

Ggv pdgl.jpg

PlaDelu Grand Liner (プラデラ グランドライナー Puradera Gurando Rainā): Standing at approximately 23 centimeters tall, it is only slightly taller than the PlaDelu Victory Robo so it's not to scale. Its arms are removable and a "Grand Fortress" mode can be formed by folding the feet down and setting the figure on its back. Its sole accessory is a missile launcher which can also be used to launch GoLiners 1 and 2.

GGV PDmaxvictory.jpg

PlaDelu Max Victory Robo (プラデラ マックスビクトリーロボ Puradera Makkusu Bikutorī Robo): A non-transforming robot figure with swiveling head, arms, and wrists. It comes with a Braver Sword and two missile-launching MaxCannons that can be placed in its hands or mounted on its hips.

GGV PDvictorymars.jpg

PlaDelu Victory Mars (プラデラ ビクトリーマーズ Puradera Bikutorī Māzu): A figure that can be transformed between Beetle Mars and Victory Mars, although it cannot be separated into the individual Mars Machines. It includes the Jet Lance with a removable Top Jet.

Vinyl Figures

GGV 5set.jpg

Kyukyu Sentai 5 Set (救急戦隊5セット Kyūkyū Sentai Faibu Setto): A set of five 12 centimeter tall soft vinyl GoGoFive figures.

GGV CTsofubi.jpg

GoGoFive Soft Vinyls: Small vinyl figures individually sold as candy toys. They have limited paint applications and details.

  1. GoRed
  2. GoBlue
  3. GoGreen
  4. GoYellow
  5. GoPink

GGV realfigure.jpg

GoRed Real Figure (ゴーレッド リアルフィギュア Gō Reddo Riaru Figyua): A 25 centimeter tall figure that was sent to Terebi-kun subscribers.

GGV pocketheroes.jpg

Pocket Heroes: Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive: Pocket Heroes was a line produced by Yutaka. Each set came with five or six non-posable mini figures.

Candy Toys


Main article: Minipla

GGV MPdx.jpg
GGV MPvictorytobo.jpg

Minipla Victory Robo (ミニプラ ビクトリーロボ Minipura Bikutorī Robo)

  1. Red Ladder
  2. Blue Thrower
  3. Green Hover & Braver Sword
  4. Yellow Armor
  5. Pink Aider

Minipla Victory Robo DX (ミニプラ ビクトリーロボDX Minipura Bikutorī Robo Derakkusu)

  • A limited edition bundle of the complete Victory Robo Minipla.

GGV MPgrandliner.jpg

Minipla Grand Liner (ミニプラ グランドライナー Minipura Gurando Rainā)

  1. GoLiner 1 w/ mini Red Ladder
  2. GoLiner 2 w/ mini Blue Thrower
  3. GoLiner 3 w/ mini Green Hover
  4. GoLiner 4 w/ mini Yellow Armor
  5. GoLiner 5 w/ mini Pink Aider

GGV MPvictorymars.jpg

Minipla Victory Mars (ミニプラ ビクトリーマーズ Minipura Bikutorī Māzu)

  1. Red Mars 1
  2. Blue Mars 2
  3. Green Mars 3 & Jet Lance
  4. Yellow Mars 4
  5. Pink Mars 5

Super Minipla

GGV SMPvictoryrobo.jpg

Super Minipla Emergency Combination Victory Robo (スーパーミニプラ 緊急合体 ビクトリーロボ Sūpā Minipura Kinkyū Gattai Bikutorī Robo)

  1. Red Ladder
  2. Blue Thrower
  3. Green Hover
  4. Yellow Armor
  5. Pink Aider

GGV SMPgrandliner.jpg

Super Minipla Coupling Combination Grand Liner (スーパーミニプラ 連結合体 グランドライナー Sūpā Minipura Renketsu Gattai Gurando Rainā)

  1. Grand Liner


Super Minipla Express Armament Liner Boy (スーパーミニプラ 特急武装 ライナーボーイ Sūpā Minipura Tokkyū Busō Rainā Bōi)

  1. Liner Boy


Super Minipla Black Max Victory Robo (スーパーミニプラ ブラック マックスビクトリーロボ Sūpā Minipura Burakku Makkusu Bikutorī Robo)

Roleplay Items

GGV CTlifebird.jpg

GoGo Life Bird (ゴーゴーライフバード Gōgō Raifu Bādo)

  1. Beak Driller
  2. Wing Spreader
  3. Claw Anchor
  4. Build Discharger
  5. Tail Injector

GGV CTsound.jpg

Sound GoGoFive (サウンドゴーゴーファイブ Saundo Gōgō Faibu)

  1. GoGo Brace
  2. Five Laser (Stick Mode)
  3. Five Laser (Gun Mode)

Figures & Miscellaneous

GGV CTchange.jpg

Changing GoGoFive (チェンジゴーゴーファイブ Chenji Gōgō Faibu)

  1. GoRed
  2. GoBlue
  3. GoGreen
  4. GoYellow
  5. GoPink

GGV CTmachines.jpg

GoGoFive Machines (ゴーゴーファイブマシン Gōgō Faibu Mashin)

  1. Red Ladder
  2. Blue Thrower
  3. Green Hover
  4. Command Attacker

GGV CTstrrongest.jpg

Strongest GoGoFive (最強ゴーゴーファイブ Saikyō Gōgō Faibu)

  1. Max Victory Robo
  2. Liner Boy
  3. Victory Mars
  4. V-Lancer
  5. V-Mode Brace

Shodo Super


On April 24, 2020, Premium Bandai began taking pre-orders for SHODO SUPER Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive, a set of five GoGoFive action figures which stand approximately 10 centimeters tall that include several accessories and alternate hands.



  • HG Series: Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive (HGシリーズ 救急戦隊ゴーゴーファイ)

Exclusive Releases

GGV specialmecha.jpg

  • Gold Plated Victory Robo (金ピカビクトリーロボ Kin Pika Bikutorī Robo)
  • Silver Plated Grand Liner (銀ピカグランドライナー Gin Pika Gurando Rainā)


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