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"Time to bug out."
―Gnatu before attempting to escape.[src]

"Don't forget about me, little rangers."
―Gnatu's first words after being enlarged[src]

Gnatu is an incubus/insect-like creature and is one of the many monsters of the Underworld. Gnato also has partner Spydex. She is the main antagonist of the episode "Soul Specter".

Character History

Gnatu and Spydex were summoned by Imperious. Both Gnatu and Spydex attacked the city of Briarwood with army of Hidiacs, and began draining Life Force from people in the park. The Mystic Force Rangers soon showed up, but were forced to deal with the Hidiacs first. Chip managed to get to Gnatu and battle her, but she was too strong for him. Both Gnatu and Spydex then managed to escape. They then went to the Underworld were Imperious praised Gnatu for her job and pinned her against Necrolai putting Necrolai in a bad mood.

Later Gnatu and Spydex again appeared in the power plant and Nick managed to get Life Force from Spydex and Chip caught it, but Gnatu again stole Life Force. Then after the Rangers had gotten the Life Force Orb out and away from the Giant Spydex, Gnatu attacked the Rangers before they could obtain the orb. With the Life Force still in their control, the evil duo escape once more. Then Necrolai tricked the Chip making a black hole appear in his chest. He had to go to a mountain alongwith Daggeron to cure the black hole with the Staff of Topaz. Gnatu and Spydex both returned to the city to steal more Life Force. Nick, Vida, Xander and Madison jumped into action and fought against the twosome. The Rangers were still outmatched, and Gnatu prepared to fire the now Dark Life Force Orb into the sky, thus attacking the city with an explosion. Before the orb was fired, Chip arrived and put a stop to Gnatu's plan. Daggeron was then able to get the Dark Orb out of the firing device. The Mystic Force Rangers attacked Gnatu and Spydex with the Magi Staff Speed Spell. With this attack, the Rangers had the advantage. Chip was successful in destroying Spydex with his Magi Staff. After Spydex was destroyed, all the Life Force was returned to those it was stolen from. But Gnatu wasn't finished yet. She grew large and attacked the Rangers by crushing them with her foot. Our heroes fought back with the Titan Megazord. Gnatu then tried to escape by flying away, but the Rangers used the Titan Megazord Spirits of the Ancient Titans Attack to destroy the monster for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Soul Specter


Gnatu is a cold, sneaky, and cunning monster that likes to toy around with her enemies. She also has a ruthless and cruel side in herself, as right before Chip was about to strike, she pushed Spydex in front of her so he would get destroyed. She is also somewhat of a coward as well, as after the Titan Megazord appeared, she attempted to escape by flying away from the Megazord before meeting her end.

Powers and Abilities


  • Life Draining: By touching a person with one of her hands, she can drain their life force.
  • Fire Breath: Gnatu can spew out powerful green fire from her mouth.
  • Fire Spark: Gnatu can shoot a spark of fire from her finger tips.
  • Size Changing: Gnatu can change her size at will.


  • Flight: Gnatu can fly at high speeds thanks to the wings on her left shoulder pad.
  • Strength: Gnatu has big physical strength to battle the Mystic Rangers.


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  • Claws: Gnatu has clawed hands for combat.
  • Sword: Gnatu also has a sword that aids her in combat.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Gnatu's appearance was based off of an Incubus or a Succubus, mythological vampire-like creatures that suck peoples' life force.
    • It actually makes sense due to her role and her ability in the episode.
  • Gnatu was the first Mystic Force monster to be a female although her counterpart who was male.
    • This was due to him being very feminine and effeminate in his mannerisms.
  • Gnatu was the only monster in Mystic Force that doesn't explode after being defeated. She just collapsed onto her back and appaently dies off-screen.
    • Unlike monsters such as Triskull but like Troika, there is no reason for this in Magiranger except perhaps not wanting to destroy the model city that it occurred in with pyrotechnics.
  • Gnatu was the third monster that has an ability to grow with out the help of Koragg, the first being Flytrap and the second being the Behemoth.
  • The Zord fight with Gnatu was originally much longer with the Titan Megazord laying a beatdown on her counterpart before he fled. This was cut because it consisted of copious amounts of punching to the chest and face.


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