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"Now you've done it! I don't need a crystal ball to see your future! I'm gonna smash you and this whole city to the ground!"
―Glytcher after being enlarged.[src]
"Unhappy Halloween!"
―Glytcher's final words before his death.[src]

Glytcher medium.png

Glytcher is a monster that dresses as a medium. He met the Rangers at the mall and was among the very last Toxic Mutants, defeated shortly before Bigs and Bluefur.

Character History

He had the abiltity to make electric material malfunction. He first caused a blackout in the mall, but it was quickly fixed.

He later disguised as a medium and set up a small booth, which Troy, Jake, Gia and Noah visited.

He showed them various Insectoids, but was puzzled and distressed because the Power Rangers kept appearing in his visions. While showing these visions, he feels pity for the monsters. He first showed Virox, then Dragonflay, then Yuffo, and finally Creepox.

While watching Creepox's battle, he learned who the Rangers were due to Troy and Noah unmorphing. After learning so, he immediately revealed his identity and left the mall to cause chaos in order to avenge Gremlin, his fallen cousin.

The Rangers, along with Robo Knight, battled Glytcher but were no match for him due to his speed, as well as an apparent invulnerability to their attacks.

When joining the battle, Emma threw flour on him and covered his eyes with the bowl containing the flour to slow him down before defeating him and tickled him as a giant in order to distract him long enough to finally finish him off. Raising Spirits

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