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Gliding Ninja Musasabisutaru (滑空忍者ムササビスタル Kakkuunin Musasabisutaru?, 35): A flying squirrel Karakuri Chunin, created by Sargain without an AI of its' own. Taking Musasabisutaru as a second body, Sargain uses amber-colored crystals to capture people to power the Musasabi Laser and incinerate the Earth. He was able to withstand the Victory Gadget, driving the Rangers away. However, once mastering the Ninjamisen, the Hurricanegers and the Gouraigers use their sonic attacks to disrupt Musasabisutaru's guidance systems before Shurikenger scraps it with his own "Shuriken Sonic" technique. Sargain was blasted out of Musasabisutaru's cockpit as his victims were freed. Wendinu recreates the mecha, with Sargain using a remote control to maneuver his creation to tear down the city, only for it to be destroyed by Revolver Gourai Senpuujin.


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