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"I'm not done yet! Didn't you say I could buy whatever I want? Come on. (.....) Aren't you one-horns? (.....) Very well. I can seduce any man, hands down!"
―Glasses Org's first words

Acquiring a pair of glasses, Glasses Org can possess the women's bodies. TsueTsue and Yabaiba enlist Glasses Org by having her possess Shichan and use her to get to Soutarou, tricking him into giving the Dukes his GaoJewel before forcing him to fight the other Gaorangers. But Shichan regains control at the last second and removes the glasses, forcing Glasses Org to fight the other Gaorangers herself until she is destroyed by the GaoMane Blaster. TsueTsue revives Glasses Org who overpowers the Power Animals until GaoBlack regains his Gao Jewel and GaoBison manages to destroy the Org's barrier, allowing GaoKing to slice her in half with Surging Arrow.




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