This article is about a/an Precious in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

Glass Slippers

  • Hazard Level: 230

The fairy tale of Cinderella is known and interpreted worldwide, but the truth of the tale is much darker than imagined: while Cinderella did have a set of Glass Slippers (ガラスの靴 Garasu no Kutsu) she wore to a ball, a curse was placed on one of the shoes which would hurt any other females who wore it. As part of the curse, any girl who puts the glass slipper on, particularly if she has feelings of being not the typical beautiful female, would become trapped into a fantasy world where they would be dancing with a handsome prince; if still within the world by the time the clock strikes midnight, their soul would be trapped within the ballroom while their body in the real world would collapse unconscious. Kurolinda, the wicked older stepsister within the Cinderella legend, became a servant of the prince to be with him, even if to find new girls to feed his desires.

The Boukengers find the glass slipper on a mysterious dancing girl which they take from her, being warned by even Gajah about it's danger. Sakura continues to study the shoe as Kurolinda appears to her and puts it on, making her fall for the Prince within the illusionary world but with the Boukengers getting it off her before midnight. As Sakura's strong will and desire to get what she wants makes her reasses her own desires, she speaks to Kurolinda the next night after researching her and, with her assistance and abilities to travel between the real and fantasy worlds, uses it to take down the Prince, who reappears within the real world as a monster from the transformed slipper. The Boukengers defeat the slipper monster before it grows to a massive size, which is destroyed by Sakura slamming it with GoGo Marine with assistance from SirenBuilder's water hoses. Task 26: The Glass Slipper

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