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Gizan is one of three Space Beasts allied with Queen Ahames, working alongside her during the scheme to access the power of the Rigel Aura

Character History

The leader of Ahames' trio, with a blue body and white face. His main abilities include the "Electromagnetic Flash", which allows for him to blind and attack with electromagnetic energy, as well as the "Killer Darts" which stabs anyone hit by them directly. Alongside Jella and Davon, he makes up a trio of Space Beasts utilized by Ahames when she makes her move in taking over the main Gozma forces.

Gizan leads the Space Beast trio from the moment the arrive on Earth and remains a nuisance towards the Changeman first as they try to stop Nana's power from being taken, then as Ahames used her super power to try and stop them to ease the Gozma cause. He ends up lasting all the way to the end of the plan, where he is part of a team attacking the Earth Defense Force headquarters and capturing General Honda. When the Changeman finally fully awaken the full extent of the Earth Force within them all along, he becomes the first to face the full Earth Force Power Bazooka, which destroys even Ahames' Hard Wall to break through to him! Gyodai rebuilds him but he is easily taken care of after a short fight with Change Robo.Ep. 36: Behold! Our Power


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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