This article is about a/an minions in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.
Gira and Geel
Gira (ギーラ, Gīra) and Keel (キール, Kīru) (1-8) are Megiddo's bodyguards. They look like common Tail Soldiers except for their clothing and berets.

During a scheme to create a man-eating plant for the usage by the Jashinka, DynaRed attacks the entire platoon of warriors just as they prepared to place a girl within. Gira becomes instantly eaten by the inner mouth of the plant, with Keel eaten soon after by the outer mouth as he tries to pull him away from it.Ep. 8: Evil Flower Princess Chimera


In the parody dub, these two bodyguards were sometimes depicted as French stereotypes.

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