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"What's with that?!"
―Ginifuan Kazak's final words before his death.[src]

Character History

"Kazak of the planet Ginjif. He's an officer of the Vilono Family, a major cosmic crime syndicate. Recently, he's been in excellent standing to become the next head of the organisation. He is a man with no morals."
Doggy Kruger regarding Ginifuan Kazak during a meeting regarding the identity of a crow that the Abarangers had been following.[src]

From the Planet Ginjifu, Kazak is the former director of the Minos from the Cosmic Violence Group. He attempted to resurrect Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya and use its power to rule the world. This would also grant him enough leverage to take control of said criminal syndicate and become a major player in the intergalactic black market.

To this end, he attacked the restaurant of a friend of the Abarangers and his Dino House as he had an artefact that could resurrect Dezumozorlya only for the Trinoid to call his friends and force Kazak to flee. The Abarangers tracked him to Tokyo only to run into the Dekarangers and escape as the Abarangers were arrested for assault and terrorism. He later resurrected the sealed away Trinoid 0: Saunaginnan to aid him in his goals. Piloted Heavy Industrial Machine PalletteView (due to earlier aligning himself with Raiman Agent Abrella whose interest was conquering the world) only to be deleted by the team effort of the Super Dekaranger Robo and Killer Abarenoh .


Forms assumed by Kazak

Numa O.

Kazak assumed the form of Supreme Commander Horusian Numa-O, briefly coming to the aid of the Dekarangers before attacking them and revealing himself.


Kazak assumed the form of HurricaneRed, briefly coming to the aid of the Abarangers, leading Ryouga to think Yousuke Shiina had came to help before he attacked them and revealed himself.


Modus and Arsenal

  • Shapeshifting-Ginifuan Kazak can shapeshift at will by throwing out his arms.


concept art


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Behind the Scenes

  • His home planet is named after ​Kinji Fukasaku (深作欣二 Fukasaku Kinji)'s given name
  • His name is derived from Kinjin Fukasaku's family name.
  • He went unadapted for the Power Rangers S.P.D. and Dino Thunder team-up.
    • The reason for being unadapted for the Power Rangers S.P.D. and Dino Thunder team-up was the movie footage costing extra.


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