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"What's with that?!"
―Final words before death

Character History

From the Planet Ginjifu, Kazak is former director of the Minos from the Cosmic Violence Group. He attempted to resurrect Wicked Life God Dezumozorlya and use its power to rule the world. He could take on the appearance of about just any kind of object, including the rug in Trinoid 12: Yatsudenwani's office, he also took on the appearance of Supreme Commander Horusian Numa-O and even took on the appearance of Yousuke Shiina as Hurricane Red in order to catch the joint Dekaranger/Abaranger team-up off-balance. Piloted Heavy Industrial Machine PalletteView alongside Trinoid 0: Saunaginnan. Deleted by the team effort of the Super Dekaranger Robo and KillerAbarenoh .


Forms assumed by Kazak

Numa O

Numa O.

Kazak assumed the form of Supreme Commander Horusian Numa-O, briefly coming to the aid of the Dekarangers before attacking them and revealing himself.



Kazak assumed the form of HurricaneRed, briefly coming to the aid of the Abarangers, leading Ryouga to think Yousuke Shiina had came to help before he attacked them and revealed himself.


Modus and Arsenal



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Behind the Scenes

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