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A list of merchandise for the 22nd Super Sentai series Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.

Roleplay Items

SSG gingabrace.png

  • Warrior Bracelets Ginga Brace (戦士の腕輪 ギンガブレス Senshi no Udewa Ginga Buresu)

SSG Seijuukjen.jpg

  • Starbeast Sword (星獣剣 Seijūken)

SSG kiba.jpg

  • Mechanical Blade Kiba (自在剣機刃 Jizaiken Kiba)
    • Available in five colors.

SSG juugekibou.jpg

  • Beast Attack Rods (獣撃棒 Jūgekibō)

SSG juusoukou.jpg

  • Beast Armor Shine Set (獣装光セット Jūsōkō Setto)

SSG bullriot.jpg

  • Bull Riot (ブルライアット)

DX Mecha

1998 gingaioh1.png

  • Starbeast Combination DX Chogokin GingaiOh (星獣合体 DX 超合金 ギンガイオー Seijū Gattai Derakkusu Chōgōkin Gingaiō)

1998 bulltaurus.png

  • Beast Warrior Combination DX Chogokin BullTaurus (騎獣合身 DX 超合金 ブルタウラス Kijū Gasshin Derakkusu Chōgōkin Burutaurasu)

1998 gigaphoenix.png

  • Starbeast Combination DX Chogokin GigaPhoenix (獣空合体 DX超合金 ギガフェニックス Seijū Gattai Derakkusu Chōgōkin Giga Fenikkusu)

1998 gigarhinos.png

  • Starbeast Combination DX Chogokin GigaRhinos (獣陸合体 DX超合金 ギガライノス Seijū Gattai Derakkusu Chōgōkin Giga Rainosu)

1998 gigabitus.png

  • Super Starbeast Stronghold GigaBitus (超星獣要塞ギガバイタス Chō Seijū Yōsai Giga Baitasu)

DX Gingaioh with Super Armor Shine

  • Galactic Battle Set (銀河大決戦セット Ginga Daisakusen Setto)

SSG blackgingaioh.jpg

  • Starbeast Combination DX Chogokin GingaiOh Black Version (星獣合体 DX超合金 ギンガイオー ブラックバージョン Seijū Gattai Derakkusu Chōgōkin Gingaiō Burakku Bājon)

Box Art Gallery

Action Figures

Figure/Vehicle Sets


PlaDelu Beast Race Horse Sets: Five sets of Gingaman Chogokin Style figures and their horses. Each figure includes a Starbeast Sword and Kiba Blade.

  • GingaRed & Red Spark
  • GingaGreen & Green Wind
  • GingaBlue & Blue Horizon
  • GingaYellow & Yellow Spark
  • GingaPink & Pink Flower

SSG galeopulsar.jpg

Mobile Steed Galeo Pulsar (機動馬 ガレオパルサー Kidōba Gareo Parusā): A toy of GingaRed's motorcycle that can be transformed into attack mode and launch missiles from the exhaust pipe. No figure is included but the Beast Armor Shine figures can board the motorcycle and be enclosed in attack mode.

Beast Armor Shine Figures

SSG juusoukoufigure.jpg

Beast Shine Armor Series (獣装光アーマーシリーズ Jūsōkō Amā Shirīzu): Five sets of 5.5 inch Gingaman figures with removable Beast Armor Shine accessories. They are similar to Bandai America's Power Ranger figures with exaggerated muscular bodies. Each figure includes a Flashing Starbeast Sword, Beast Armor Claw, Beast Attack Rod, and golden armor pieces and belt buckle.

  • GingaRed
  • GingaGreen
  • GingaBlue
  • GingaYellow
  • GingaPink

PlaDelu (Plastic Deluxe) Mecha

SSG pladeluxemecha.jpeg

PlaDelu GingaiOh (プラデラ ギンガイオー Puradera Gingaiō): A non-transforming yet highly posable robot action figure. It has articulation points at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. It includes the Silver-Armor Sword and the Galcon Bowgun. No Silver Armor Shine upgrade parts were released.

PlaDelu BullTaurus (プラデラ ブルタウラス Puradera Buru Taurasu): A non-transforming action figure of BullTaurus. It comes with a mini BullBlack figure that can be placed inside its chest. Two Bull Swords are included that can be combined into one or connected to BullTaurus's chains.

Vinyl Figures

SSG 5set.jpg

Gingaman 5 Set (ギンガマン5セット Gingaman Faibu Setto): A set of five 12 centimeter tall soft vinyl Gingaman figures.

SSG starbeasts.jpg

Assemble! 5 Starbeasts (結集!5大星獣 Kesshū! Go Dai Seijū): A set of five vinyl dolls of the Starbeasts in their organic beast forms.

SSG CTsofubi.jpg

Gingaman Heroes (ギンガマンヒーロー Gingaman Hīrō): Small vinyl figures individually sold as candy toys. They have limited paint applications and details.

  1. GingaRed
  2. GingaGreen
  3. GingaBlue
  4. GingaYellow
  5. GingaPink

SSG redrealfigure.jpg

GingaRed Real Figure (ギンガレッド リアルフィギュア Gingareddo Riaru Figyua): A 25 centimeter tall figure that was sent to Terebi-kun subscribers.

SSG pocketheroes.jpg

Pocket Heroes: Seijuu Sentai Gingaman: Pocket Heroes was a line produced by Yutaka. Each set came with five or six non-posable mini figures.

Candy Toys


Main article: Minipla

SSG MPgingaioh.jpg

Minipla GingaiOh (ミニプラ ギンガイオー Minipura Gingaiō)

  1. Gingaleon
  2. Gingarilla
  3. Gingalcon
  4. Gingaverick
  5. Gingat

SSG MPbulltaurus.jpg

Strongest BullTaurus (最強ブルタウラス Saikyō Buru Taurasu)

  1. BullBlack
  2. BullTaurus

SSG CTtrio.jpg

Ginga Robo Trio (ギンガロボトリオ Ginga Robo Torio)

  1. Super Armor Shine GingaiOh
  2. GigaRhinos
  3. GigaPhoenix

Roleplay Items

SSG CTkit.jpg

Gingaman Kit (ギンガマンキット Gingaman Kitto)

  1. Beast Attack Rod
  2. Super Starbeast Sword
  3. Ginga Claw
  4. Bullriot

SSG CTairweapons.jpg

Ginga Air Weapons (ギンガエアウェポン Ginga Ea Uepon)

  1. Starbeast Sword
  2. Kiba
  3. Bull Sword
  4. Gingaman belt

Figures & Miscellaneous

SSG CTgingachange.jpg

Ginga Change Hero (ギンガチェンジヒーロー Ginga Chenji Hīrō)

  1. GingaRed
  2. GingaGreen
  3. GingaBlue
  4. GingaYellow
  5. GingaPink

SSG CTride.jpg

Gingaman Ride (ギンガマンライド Gingaman Raido)

  1. Red Spark
  2. Green Wind
  3. Blue Horizon
  4. Yellow Thunder
  5. Pink Flower

SSG CTseijuu.jpg

Silver Star Beasts (銀星獣 Ginseijū)

  1. Gingaleon
  2. Gingarilla
  3. Gingalcon
  4. Gingaverick
  5. Gingat

SSG CTrobocollection.jpg

Ginga Robo Collection (ギンガロボコレクション Ginga Robo Korekushon)

  1. GingaiOh
  2. BullBlack & Super Armor Shine
  3. BullTaurus
  4. GigaRhinos
  5. GigaPhoenix



  • HG Series: Seijuu Sentai Gingaman

Exclusive Releases

SSG goldgingaioh.jpg

  • Gold Plated Gingaioh (金ピカギンガイオー Kin Pika Gingaiō)


SSG shelinda.jpg

Full Color Soft Vinyl Model: Shelinda: A 1/8 scale statue of Shelinda produced by Yutaka in 1999.

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