This article is about a/an group of characters in Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.
Djinn's children

There are six kids found the lamp and wished a lot of things from it. From a sports car for Takuya, lots of food for an elder boy, the latest gaming console (with music player) for Yukari, manga comics for a boy wearing eyeglasses, white dress for a girl (wearing a blue jacket) and a magic carpet that can fly for Mariko. Seeing the Djinn with the kids causes the Zyurangers to see his true nature, he is a kind hearted creature and prefers having a good master over an evil one. He likes to make kids happy, making him a good friend to these kids.

Zyuranger episode 11 (Takuya & Yukari)

Takuya & Yukari were first found Djinn's old magic lamp at the park.