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Gigatronics are Gigadrone versions of the Tronics created by Scrozzle in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Two were sent to aid Raildrone in battle, and together they formed a train formation to attack the Rangers and to give Raildrone some help in destroying the Rangers, but both were shot down and destroyed by the Beast-X Megazord. A Friend Indeed

Two others Gigatronics were deployed out of the back of Antennadrone after the Racer Zord proved too powerful for it to handle alone. They easily overpowered Devon and his Zord but Nate and Steel quickly summoned thier Wrecker Zord and Jet Zord. The Zords tranformed into thier Mantis and Scarab modes and were able to destroy the Gigatronics extremely easily. One was destroyed by the Mantis Zord flinging it backwards and the other was crushed into oblivion by Steel. Silver Sacrifice

Burnerdrone launched two Gigatronics to hold Devon at bay while it set fire to the Morph X tower. Devon used the Racer Zord's Cheetah mode to quickly destroy the Gigatronics, while Burnerdrone is destroyed by the Striker Hyper Blast of the Striker Megazord. Seeing Red

Powers and Abilities

Train formation

The Train Formation.

  • Strength-When used alongside Antennadrone, they were powerful enough to overwhelm the Racer Zord
  • Jumping: Gigatronics can jump to great highs to perform arial attacks.
  • Train Formation: With Raildrone they can form a train formation to ram their enemies. This formation can also fly, but when the Gigatronics are shot down, Raildrone falls. A Friend Indeed


  • Laser Guns:  They wield laser guns in battle.
  • Shoulder Guns: They have laser guns mounted on their shoulders.


  • The Gigatronics are the second footsoldiers to look completely different from their normal sized counterparts. The first were the Vivizords.
    • The Cogs, giant Moogers,and giant Bruisers all looked the same. Neither Ninja Steel or Super Ninja Steel had any giant footsoldiers.
  • In Go-Busters, the BugZords were piloted by the Buglars. It is unclear if the same will be revealed for the Gigatronics and regular Tronics.


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