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"Let's see how the Rangers like the new Gigatronics inside this Alpha Model."

Gigatronics are Gigadrone versions of Tronics created by Scrozzle and usually deployed to assist Alpha Model Gigadrones in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Two are sent to aid Raildrone and together they form a train formation to attack the Rangers and give Raildrone help in destroying them. They leap high into the sky and easily overwhelm the Wheeler Zord and then regroup for another charge. However, the Rangers form the Beast-X Megazord, now more than a match for the formation. The formation charges and they try the same jump attack but both are shot down by the Beast-X Blade Blast and obliterated whilst falling. The Hyper Strike then destroys Raildrone shortly afterwards. A Friend Indeed

Antennadrone deploys two Gigatronics during its fight against the Racer Zord. They easily overpower Devon, but Nate and Steel quickly summon the Wrecker Zord and Jet Zord. The Zords transform into their animal modes and render the Gigatronics helpless by draining them of their fuel using their Morph-X Hyper Drain move. Now helpless and out of power, one is destroyed by the Wrecker Zord Mantis Mode flinging it backwards and the other is crushed by the Jet Zord Scarab Mode's jaws. Doing this enables Devon to destroy Antennadrone with his Zord's Cheetah Strike. Silver Sacrifice

Burnerdrone launches two Gigatronics to hold Devon at bay while it set fire to a Morph X tower. Devon uses Cheetah Mode to destroy the Gigatronics with eye blasts while Burnerdrone is soon destroyed by the Striker Megazord.Seeing Red

Infernodrone launches two against the Racer Zord which is piloted solely by Cruise. Again, the Racer Zord assumes its Cheetah Mode and swiftly destroys the Gigatronics with its eye blasts. Infernodrone is then quickly destroyed by the Racer Zord's Cheetah Strike.Scrozzle's Revenge

Season 2

Some time later, with Scrozzle having somehow survived the destruction of Infernodrone, he deploys Drilldrone 2.0 to Earth, where it burrows into the ground to collect the Morph-X that had spilled underground. While Zoey and Steel continue fighting Drilltron 2.0, Devon, Ravi and Nate bring their zords to the crater. Devon has Nate use the Wrecker Zord's crane to lower the Racer Zord into the crater, while the Wheeler Zord stands guard.

In response, Drilldrone 2.0 deploys four Gigatronics, two of which go up to the surface of its crater to attack the Wrecker Zord and Wheeler Zord (the latter guarding the former since it was exposed sending the Racer Zord into the crater) and the other two aiding Drilldrone 2.0 in fighting the Racer Zord. Initially, the Wheeler Zord, while in Gorilla Mode, is able to hold off the two Gigatronics, but eventually they get past it and target the Wrecker Zord (which had released the Racer Zord but is still vulnerable due to having grabbed hold of Drilldrone 2.0). Luckily, Zoey and Steel arrive in the Jet and Chopper Zords, driving back the two Gigatronics and saving Nate. The Chopper Zord then changes into Jackrabbit Mode and kicks one Gigatronic into the air, while the Wrecker Zord punches the other into it and then uses the Rocket Storm to finish them off. Down in the crater, Devon gets the upper hand and obliterates the two remaining Gigatronics with the Cheetah Strike. Drilldrone 2.0 is annihilated shortly there after by the Wrecker Zord. Believe It or Not

Powers and Abilities

Train formation

The Train Formation.

  • Strength: Alongside Antennadrone, the Gigatronics were powerful enough to overwhelm the Racer Zord. Likewise, the ones deployed by Drilldrone 2.0 nearly overwhelmed the Racer Zord and Wheeler Zord in separate battles.
  • Train Formation: With Raildrone, they can form a train formation to ram their enemies and perform aerial based shooting attacks.
    • Jumping: When in their train formation, the Gigatronics can jump to great heights to perform aerial attacks.


  • Laser Guns: Gigatronics wield laser guns that fire a barrage of yellow lasers strong enough to stun the Wheeler Zord in even its Gorilla Mode with one volley.
  • Shoulder Guns: Gigatronics also have laser guns on their shoulders which they can fire at will.


  • Gigatronics are the second foot soldiers to look completely different from their normal-sized counterparts. The first are the Vivizords. Cogs, Moogers and Bruisers all look the same.
  • In Go-Busters the BugZords are piloted by Buglars as their personal Zords. It is unclear if the same will be revealed for Gigatronics and Tronics.


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