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Gigara (ギガラ Gigara) is a space pirate ally of Adjutant Booba and appears as an enemy to the Changeman.

Character History

Gigara is a space pirate with a unique history with the Gozma: he was a former ally and friend of Adjutant Booba and was greatly in love with Queen Ahames, but was considered an enemy and a nuisance to Star King Bazoo and his Gozma Empire. His huge body gave him a massive defense against those who attacked him, as well as could use various weapons, including two-swords simultaneously as well as releasing chains and boomerangs that can fly right out of his body. He can also breathe out a noxious fume that kills any lifeform that breathes it in, thus making him a killer of life on any world he goes to.

Ahames summons Gigara to gather the Phantom Butterfly, a special insect that only resided on Earth which is said to have the power to grant eternal youth, beauty and immortality. Upon arriving on Earth, he immediately encounters Hiryuu Tsurugi in combat and easily defeats him and the other Changeman, further once in coordination once again with his former partner Booba. Ultimately he tracks down the Phantom Butterfly, which is revealed to be a spiritual butterfly that is released from a statue in a shrine. Gigara and Booba chase after it but the Changeman confront them again. This time, the team ends up destroying the coordination by attacking Gigara's only weakpoint: his lower legs, making him fall off balance and ruin his rhythm with Booba.

Gigara soon after is destroyed by the Power Bazooka, only to be revived once again by Gyodai and turned into a giant. His two sword skills seem to cause slight problem for Change Robo's Dengeki-Ken, but the team utilize the Windmill Cut to knock away his swords and then kill him permanently with their Super Thunder Bolt attack.Ep. 29: Protect the Flowers! Phantom Butterfly

Gigara briefly appears during a flashback between Booba and fellow Booba Pirate Jill about the happier days their crew had prior to Booba's inscription into Bazeu's army.Ep. 48: The Pirate Booba's Storm of Love


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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