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The Gigant Horse with the Zangyack fleet in space.

Gigant Horse (ギガントホース Giganto Hōsu) is the massive flagship of the Space Empire Zangyack. It is presumably named as such due to the two giant horse structures on each side with a cannon mounted onto each of them. The cannons can be used to make the Action Commanders and Sugormin grow by firing purple lasers.


Gigant Horse's Cannons


With Warz Gill's conflict with the Gokaigers and his efforts to conquer Earth after the failed first attempt, Gigant Horse is normally seen along with the Zangyack fleet in Earth's orbit, though it occasionally appears on the planet leading the Zangyack fleet where they assault the city. When the emperor, Ackdos Gill, gave Warz his own Giant Robo, Great Warz, it was kept in Gigant Horse. It emerged from the horse on the left when it was summoned into battle.

After Warz Gill's death at the hands of the Gokaigers, Ackdos Gill came in and took charge, and had the original fleet destroyed and replaced by an imperial fleet. Eventually, the Gigant Horse led a massive force composed of its escort fleet along with reinforcements from across the universe in a final invasion of Earth. Captain Marvelous used Basco's ship, Free Joker, to ram into the Gigant Horse and face the emperor, along with Gai. While Gai kept the emperor busy, Marvelous took control of the ship and made it anhillate the Zangyack fleet. Shortly after, Marvelous and Gai destroyed the bridge controls, resulting in the Gigant Horse plunging down to the ground where it exploded, with the explosion incinerating Free Joker, which was still lodged into it. However, the emperor, Marvelous and Gai all escaped. Final Ep.: Farewell Space Pirates

Monsters enlarged by the Gigant Horse

Big Machine

The Big MachineIcon-crosswiki.png (ビッグマシン Biggu Mashin) is the combined mecha formed out of the Gigant Horse and the Dai-Shocker Base, the Crisis Fortress. It was made when the members of Dai-Shocker and Dai-Zanguack secretly united behind Captain Marvelous and Tsukasa KadoyaIcon-crosswiki.png. It was Destroyed by Rocket Drill Go-Buster Oh.


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