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Giganoid #4: Resurrection (ギガノイド第4番 復活 Giganoido Yoban: Fukkatsu, 14): A Giganoid created from the fossilized remains of a new species of giant theropod dinosaur, the Abaresaurus. It possessed incredible strength with the ability to expel a miasma from his jaws and could regenerate severed body parts.

At first, Ptera and Ranru Itsuki refused to fight Resurrection because it was a dino and was the dream of Mr. Denjirou its founder. But the two soon were forced to fight the monster while Mr. Denjiro sacrificed his dream for the good of all. It was stopped in its track by Mr. Denjiro's words as AbarenOh ended the Abaresaurus Giganoid by targeting the only part of its body not covered in bone.


  • It was named after Gustaf Mahler's 2nd symphony (The "Resurrection").

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