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"Awaken, my children.........Open your eyes....."
―Gigaonid #2 Eroica's first words[src]

Giganoid #2: Eroica (ギガノイド第2番 英雄 Giganoido Niban: Eiyū, 8): Created by Voffa in the image of the popular children's television character Igrec the Galaxian (possibly inspired by Ultraman). Destruction Messenger Jannu used it to steal the children's dreams when they despaired seeing their hero was a phony, thus destroying their hopes and dreams. Killed by AbareBlack with the Dino Thruster.


  • It was named after Ludwig Von Beethoven's 3rd Symphony ("Eroica" or "Hero").
  • Naruhisa Arakawa will revisit the ideas of an evil Ultra-like being trying to take over Sunday mornings ten years later.
  • He is the only Giganoid with ability to speak.
  • Eroica is the first Giganoid with a Humanoid design rather then a Kaiju like design.

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