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Giganoid #1: Fate (ギガノイド第1番 運命 Giganoido Ichiban: Unmei, 5, 8): This creature used giant dice as weapons and could use in its "Fateful Teleportation", teleporting objects such as buildings or itself to other places. Damaged Brachio's neck which prevented the Abaranger from using their Blastasaur partners. Despised clock music. Yukito Sanjyou took advantage of this weakness to help heal Brachio in a trap that he had some government agents help set up for him. Fate was killed by Abarenoh when it rewrote the dice to have Fate be a victim of its own skill, leaving itself open for the final attack. Another was created, only to be destroyed by Hero.


  • It was named after Ludwig Von Beethoven's 5th Symphony, commonly known as the "Fate Symphony".

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