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Inextinguishable's giant plant form.

Giganoid #11: Inextinguishable (ギガノイド第11番 不滅 Giganoido Jūichiban: Fumetsu, 42-43): A giant warrior-like monster designed after Bakuryuu Gattai KillerOh's data which was able to counter existing Bakuryuu combinations at that time with its "Immortal Arrow" attack. Apostle of Creation Mikela and Apostle of Infinity Voffa tricked Mikoto Nakadai into thinking they made a "Killer Giganoid" for him to control in place of his Bakuryuu deserting him. But in reality, once he was inserted into the Giganoid, Inextinguishable's purpose was to draw out the Dezumoryla inside him. From there, Giganoid #11 would fuse with the Tree of Life, scattering its Evolien influence worldwide. To ensure that, it brought back Giganoid 9: Miracle and Giganoid 10: Tragic. Killed by Oo-AbarenOh.


  • It is named after Carl Nielsen's "4th Symphony", "The Inextinguishable".
  • This was the final Giganoid created by Voffa

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