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"My true Tangarian body. Beautiful, isn't it?"
―Sky asks Dru what was that[src]

Giganis was an S.P.D. officer named Dru Harrington from the planet Tangar. He and Sky were best friends, until Dru was sent to the Nebula Academy, where he shortly became missing in action. That's when he met Broodwing, who taught him to only look out for himself. Giganis came to Earth to kill Commander Cruger, but is foiled by his old friend the Blue Ranger and his Deltamax Striker. The Delta Squad Megazord finishes the job, and Sky puts Dru under arrest.


Unlike his Sentai's counterpart:

  • His monster form is his species’ natural form rather than the result of modifications.
  • He became gigantic via a device instead of a type of drugs.
  • He was arrested instead of destroyed.


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