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Dru Harrington

Giganis's method of growing.

"My true Tangarian body. Beautiful, isn't it?"
―Dru tells Sky what he just saw[src]


Giganis is a Space Patrol Delta officer named Dru Harrington from Tangar. He and Schuyler Tate are best friends until Dru is sent to the Nebula Academy where he is listed as MIA. That's when he meets Broodwing who teaches him to only look out for himself and introduces him to Emperor Gruumm. Giganis comes to Earth to kill Anubis Cruger but is foiled by his old friend; the Delta Squad Megazord finishes the job and Sky arrests Dru.


Dru Harrington pretends to be still kind and a very patient cadet as he was before Broodwing came along. But thanks to Broodwings influence, Dru is in fact a money hungry, angry beast obsessed with money behind even common sense.


  • Attempted murder


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