This article is about a/an evil mecha in Choujuu Sentai Liveman.

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Giga Volt (ギガボルト Gigaboruto) is an evil mech created as the culmination of the "Giga Project" of the Armed Brain Army Volt, using a metal developed by Doctor KempEp. 23: The Life Risked at 0.1 Second, energy developed by Doctor MazendaEp. 26: Aizu's Huge Rhinocerous Beetles! and fully constructed by Great Professor Bias on Earth.Ep. 27: Daughter!! Destroy the Giga Project Its power was strong enough to deal with Live Robo, overwhelming its power and ultimately capturing the mecha when piloted in its initial battle by Kemp.Ep. 28: The Challenge of the Huge Giga Volt

Ultimately it takes another mecha, Live Boxer (created in secret by the Academia scientists and piloted by Tetsuya Yano and Jun'ichi Aikawa in memory of their siblings killed by Volt) to release Live Robo from capture with the energy assistance of Liveman's assistant robot Colon. In a final battle where it is piloted by Doctor Ashura, the Liveman finally destroy the mecha using the combination of both mecha into Super Live Robo.

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