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Giga Bragigas being mind controlled by Jinarik

Giga Bragigas: A silver and purple Brachiosaurus Power Dino and the successor of Kyoryu Silver's Bragigas. Like its predecessor, it houses the Spirit Base which also doubles as Candelilla and Luckyuro's living space.



Recognized as the strongest of the Power Dinos by Deizarus, Giga Bragigas was sealed by Jinarik on his behalf as the Neo Deboth Army arrived on Earth, preventing it from interfering in their hunt for the Power of the Dragon King. However, Torin managed to remove the Spirit Base at the last minute to save both Candelilla and Luckyuro. King 1: The Birth of a New King!

When the five Brave Dino Force Rangers were overpowered by Deizarus, Torin noted that only the power of Giga Bragigas could defeat him. After Juhyeok aided the Dino Force in defeating Tsuraira, Torin was confident that they could release Giga Bragigas together. King 7: Advent! The Commander of Neo Deboth!

The Dino Force Brave ultimately found Giga Bragigas, engaging Jinarik as he maintained the seal on the Power Dino. Though Jinarik was seemingly destroyed by Brave Black Dino and Brave Gold Dino, Jinarik immediately reconstituted before revealing that Giga Bragigas was now under his control as he sent it out into the city. King 8: Revival! Giga Bragigas!

During the final battle against Neo Deboth, Giga Bragigas propelled Brave TyrannoKing to strike the giant Deizarus, saving Juyong and Juhyeok on Pteravolt. King 12: Eternal! Power Rangers Dino Force Brave


Gigant BrachioKing

Gigant BrachioKing is the humanoid robot form of Giga Bragigas.

Appearances: Episodes 9

Brave Gigant TyrannoKing

Brave Gigant TyrannoKing is the combination of Gigant BrachioKing and the five Power Dinos that make up Brave TyrannoKing.

Appearances: Episode 10-11


7. Giga Bragigas - Silver Dinocells holding the spirit of the Brachiosaurus.

Giga Bragigas Dinocell

Giga Bragigas Dinocell


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