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Giemurou of the Kappa (河童のギエム郎(ロウ) Kappa no Giemurō) is a member of the Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu.

Character History

Giemurou is one of the few Yuumajuu to have evaded destruction by the previous Goseigers by hiding in a pond, where he is encountered by Buredoran for his schemes. As instructed, Giemurou abducts a group of people as well as Gosei Knight in a scheme to use the powerful Gosei Power of Gosei Knight to mutate people into kappa-creatures who would ultimately dry up the Earth's oceans. However, Agri directly gets involved due to a young daughter abducted by the Yuumajuu, using his anger to destroy the power distributor with his Landick Axe and ultimately inspire Gosei Knight to free himself from captivity. The knight Headder soon destroys Giemurou with the Knightick Dynamic.

After Buredoran grows the Yuumajuu with Bibi Bugs, the Goseiger prepare to use Gosei Great until Gosei Knight's determination grants him three new Gosei Cards, including the Knight Brothers which allows him to create a brand new mecha form for himself: Gosei Ground. Using this formation, Gosei Knight easily defeats Giemurou with GrounDrastic.


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Giemurou's main ability involves the release of small tick-like creatures which suck up people within for collection. He also fights with various sumo-themed moves against opponents.

Behind the Scenes



  • Movie Reference: Giemurou's name is from the Korean film The Host (グエムル-漢江の怪物- Guemuru -Hangan no Kaibutsu-).
    • Its kidnapping of people is similar to the monster of the movie kidnapping the daughter of the main character.
  • The kanji in Giemurou's name is the one for "son" ( ), referring to his method of kidnapping children, which included sons. He is modeled after a tick.
    • Giemurou is also based off of the Kappa, one of the most well-known and most-often seen Youkai in Japanese culture, and fighting one is considered a bad idea, as they are well-versed in the arts of sumo wrestling.

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