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Giant Steel Starbeast GigaBitus (巨大鋼星獣ギガバイタス Kyodai Kōseijū GigaBaitasu): Formerly the silver shark-like Starbeast GingaBitus (星獣ギガバイタス Seijū GigaBaitasu), GigaBitus was mortally wounded when the Balban attacked and destroyed its homeworld. Its body was recovered by Dark Merchant Biznella who rebuit it as a robot along with Steel Starbeast GigaRhinos and GigaPhoenix. The three Steel Starbeasts were then sold to the Balban in an attempt to destroy the Starbeasts of the Gingamen. But when the Gingamen were able to reach the hearts that still lived inside them on the night of the Star Festival, the Steel Starbeasts broke free and joined the Gingamen as allies.

GigaBitus primarily serves as a carrier for the GigaWheels and GigaWings that make up GigaRhinos and Phoenix respectively and only rarely enters into battle alongside them. It was the only Steel Starbeast that wasn't killed during Gingaman vs. Megaranger.

Crusier Mode

GigaBitus' default mode, used to store the GigaWheels and Wings when not in battle as well as to transport them from planet to planet. After being freed from Biznella's control, it and the other Steel Starbeasts took up residence in a cave hidden behind a great waterfall.

Scramble Mode

When launching the GigaWheels and Wings, GigaBitus erects into a vaguely humanoid shape called Scramble Mode (スクランブルスモード Sukuranburu Mōdo). In this mode, the GigaWheels are launched from the rear bays in the lower torso and the GigaWings from the chest and arms. Generally GigaBitus would decide which of its fellow Steel Starbeasts it would dispatch based on the type of opponent the Giant Majin is, except for the situations where both GigaRhinos and GigaPhoenix are needed. GigaBitus Scramble Mode is also armed with the Bitus Cannon (バイタスキャノン Baitasu Kyanon) in each of its arms and will occasionally enter battle to give support fire to GigaRhinos and GigaPhoenix.


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