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The Giant Sea Creature is a giant cybernetic Plesiosaurus-like monster that appears in the final part of the two-part pilot episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive "Kick into Overdrive", he is the very first monster to be summoned by Moltor and is overall the very first monster to fight the Operation Overdrive Rangers.


This monster emerged from the seas after it was called by Moltor to attack after losing Andrew to the Rangers. The Rangers summoned the DriveMax Zords for the first time and battled this creature, the Rangers had the upper hand and they form the DriveMax Megazord and defeated the monster with the Overdrive Saber, as a final ditch effort, Moltor activated the monster's self-destruct to blow up the Megazord and take out the Rangers by grabing on to the Zord, but the Rangers managed to have the DriveMax Megazord kick the monster away before it blew up. Kick into Overdrive


The Giant Sea Creature was a violent monster that will attack anyone in his path.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength
  • Energy Lasers: From the huge cannons on both of his shoulders, the Giant Sea Creature can fire energy lasers.
  • Durability-The Giant Sea Creature was able to survive the Drive Digger; Sabre Mode finisher and it's own explosion since it was able to attempt a suicide attack.
  • Explosion-The Giant Sea Creature has a bomb strapped to it that, when activated by Moltor and his sword, could obiterate it and (presumably) the Drivemax Megazord.


  • Claws: The Giant Sea Creature has clawed hands for combat.

Behind The Scenes


  • Sea Creature didn't have an voice actor.


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