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Giant Demon Castle Vylock

Giant Demon Castle Vylock (巨大魔城バイロック Kyodai Majō Bairokku) is a giant floating castle base that is the home to the Dimensional War Party Vyram. Usually existing within another dimension beyond the reach of all invasive dimensions, Vylock Castle is the headquarters of the Vyram forces. The inside of the castle defies all typical scientific laws such as gravity or the logic of "up" or "down", with those within able to walk on walls or the ceiling while using their abilities to make themselves in the position of "right-side up". Likewise, rooms within the castle can be sudden or unexpected, with doors that can open to strange phenomenon or even to the outside world of their invasive dimension.Ep. 34: Traitorous RyuuEp. 42: Sleep on My Chest!

The insides of the castle are sparsely filled with objects as needed by the Vyram forces. There is generally one meeting area where the four discuss their plans, with a huge globe within the middle ordaining it and giving it light. Other objects of class such as a phonograph or a piano may appear as needed by those such as Maria or Grey when they pursue their own interests. One of the most important objects within the castle is a sole-standing chair, where the "leader" of the Vyram sits; this chair originally was that of Empress Juuza when she lead and was later used by both Tranza and finally Radiguet when they became the leader of the Vyram.Ep. 17: The Revived EmpressEp. 37: Birth! Emperor TranzaEp. 50: Respective Battles to the Death

One of the rooms within the castle is the "dimensional generator", a device that allows for the Vyram to invade dimensions through the castle or to allow them to leave the dimension Vylock is within to go to whatever dimension they are currently invading. It is protected by the Strange Dimensional Lifeform Hell Medusa, preventing anyone who invades the castle from destroying it. The Jetman nearly destroy it themselves during a scheme, but Grey prevents them from doing so and throws them out of the castle and their dimension to prevent it from falling.Ep. 34: Traitorous Ryuu

In the final battle with Radiguet, who had by this point evolved into the monsterous "Raguem", he summons the castle to Earth to change it into armor to protect his weakened backside to prevent the Jetman from striking him at a wound point created by Rie Aoi. Using a combination of their three mecha, the castle ultimately is removed and destroyed prior to Raguem finally being slain.Final Ep.: Flap Your Wings! Aviators!

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