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"Claw of the Tiger! Megaforce Yellow!"
"Jungle Power! Ultra Megaforce Yellow!"
"Super Megaforce Yellow!"

Gia Moran is Megaforce Yellow, the Yellow Ranger of the Mega Rangers.

Character History


Gia is one of the five teenagers chosen by Gosei to save the world from the Warstar Aliens. She first fights alongside her team against Scaraba. Mega Mission

One day, she and Jake flirted with each other. When they saw alien ships capturing humans, they decide to follow the ships in one location and call the other Rangers to help them. After the battle, Jake complimented Gia about how good they are as a team. He Blasted Me With Science A week or so later, Jake and Gia gained access to the Land Brothers Zord. Stranger Ranger

Later, Gia and Emma are turned into worse enemies by Queen Beezara. When the two were reminded by the Rangers they were friends, they broke free from the spell and defeated Beezara. United We Stand

Super Megaforce

During the Armada's invasion, she and Jake return to the Command Center (Megaforce). Slowly the other rangers return to the CC, and Gosei presents them with the Super Megaforce powers.


Gia Moran is labeled as 'Miss Perfect', and it's hard to argue with that. Pretty, personable, strict, and a powerful martial artist, Gia is as intelligent as she is confident. She's been best friends with Emma since they were little, and that's not going to stop just because they're in different social cliques now. The Yellow Ranger's constant success can be frustrating to her teammates, but she and her Tiger Zord are dependable to the end!

Megaforce Yellow


Megaforce Yellow

As Megaforce Yellow, she has a Tiger motif. She pilots the Tiger Zord. Yellow Ranger's main weapon is a claw called the Tiger Claw. She uses cards with her Gosei Morpher.



Ultra Megaforce Yellow

Ultra Mode is the Mega Rangers' power up.[1]



Super Megaforce Yellow

In Super Megaforce, Gia and the other Mega Rangers will gain the Super Mega Mode which allows them to morph into the past rangers that have preceded them. [2]



Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger


Yellow Alien Ranger


Yellow Zeo Ranger


Yellow Turbo Ranger


Yellow Space Ranger


Lost Galaxy Yellow Ranger


Yellow Wild Force Ranger


Yellow Wind Ranger


Yellow Dino Ranger


S.P.D. Yellow Ranger


Yellow Mystic Ranger


Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger


Jungle Master Yellow Ranger

  • Jungle Master Yellow Ranger (SM Episode LBEV)


Ranger Yellow


Yellow Samurai Ranger


Yellow Ranger


Black Alien Ranger


Red Mystic Ranger

Ranger Keys

Gosei Yellow Ranger Key

The Megaforce Yellow Ranger Key.

The Megaforce Yellow Ranger Key is one of Gia's personal Ranger Keys. This key along with the majority of the Core Ranger Keys are seen lining the Command Center's interior walls. This key is mainly used by Gia Moran (Super Megaforce Yellow). It was shown when the Super Mega Rangers summoned their Megaforce Zords from their Legendary Megazord against the Armada. The Wrath

Gokai Yellow Ranger Key

The Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger Key.

The Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger Key is one of Gia's personal Ranger Keys which allows her to morph into Super Megaforce Yellow. As with the other Super Megaforce Ranger Keys, this key is commonly used in the Super Mega Rangers' Ranger Key-compatible arsenal and zords for different functions and attacks.


  • Gia shares several traits with the first yellow ranger:
    • Both have a zord with a tiger motif that forms a leg of their Megazord.
    • Both are good friends with their team's pink ranger.
    • Both are known to be good at academics.
  • She is the first yellow ranger since Ashley Hammond to have two Sentai counterparts.
  • She and Jake Holling share the same element, Earth.
  • She appears to have similarities to both her Sentai counterparts as strong and spunky female characters.
  • As of Spirit of the Tiger she is the only one of the main five to have not met a legendary Ranger.
  • Early scripts listed her name as "Ava", just like Emily.
  • She is inspired from Angelina Jolie's character who has the same name and title of the 1998 movie she appears in.[5]

Counterpart notes

Legendary Ranger Modes

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