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""Batlings, we've waited a long time for this. Destroy them!""
―Ghouligan'a first words when he arrives in town with a group of Batlings and ordering them to kill some civilians.[src]
""Power Rangers?!""
―Ghouligan reacting to the newly morphed Rangers.[src]
""You ain't got the GUTS!""
―Ghouligan when all five Rescue Blasters were aimed at him and his final words before his death.[src]

Ghouligan is a fire demon who serves as the primary villain of the pilot episode of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue "Operation Lightspeed". He is the first monster the Lightspeed Rangers faced.


Ghouligan was sent by Diabolico to destroy Mariner Bay which was originally thought to be told for the taking and easy for them to level and raise the Skull Palace onto. He first appeared in a burning building, when Carter Grayson rescued a young girl in the building. It is implied by Captain Mitchell later on that he started that building fire. Later on, Ghouligan attacked Mariner Bay with an army of Batlings and encountered the Rangers. While Chad, Joel, Kelsey and Dana tried to battle the Batlings, Carter fought against Ghouligan, intially trying to run him down with the Rescue Rover, but the demon easily defeated him. The Rangers morphed into the Lightspeed Rangers for the first time and easily defeated all Ghouligan's Batlings. Together, the Rangers quickly defeated Ghouligan, and he was destroyed by the Rescue Blasters. Operation Lightspeed

In "The Fate of Lightspeed" Pt. 2, Ghouligan was seen in the Shadow World. The Fate of Lightspeed


Ghouligan was a ruthless, aggressive, destructive, violent and wicked demon. He enjoyed causing havoc and destruction in Mariner Bay. He was very arrogant, stubborn and naive, because he thought the Rangers couldn't defeat him since they were cowards in his mind, and it caused his death. He also has no respect for human life since he ordered his Batlings to kill helpless citizens without remorse.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength-Ghouligan was able to grab Carter by the shoulder and throw hi a great distance when he crashed the Rescue Rover.
  • Durability-Ghouligan took multiple hits from the Rescue Blasters just to knock down and all five firing simaltaniously to kill for good.
  • Fireballs: Ghouligan can shoot fireballs from his hands. Two blasts of these made Carter crash the Rescue Rover.
  • Mega Flame: By charging up his entire body with fire energy, and then shooting green lightning between his hands, Ghouligan can shoot a huge burst of fire at his enemies from his hands. This is presumably his strongest attack since he was going to use this to kill Carter but the one he fired were dodged and he was shot before he could fire more.
  • Fire Immunity: Ghouligan was able to stand in a burning building amongst roaring flames without hurting himself.


  • Claws: While lacking weapons, he makes up for it by having clawed hands to aid him in combat.


Behind The Scenes



  • Ghouligan is a partially-repainted version of Psycho Monster Red.
    • The reason for the reuse is because the actual first episode of GoGoV had Magma Golem as the first monster although they used him for Magmavore in this season's second episode. Since Saban wanted to use much of the pilot to establish the plot whereas GoGoV rushed theirs along a bit, they couldn't use the substantial amount of footage for Magmavore.
  • The fact that Ghouligan is able to recognize the costumess as those belonging to Power Rangers suggests that the Demons must have faced some of Zordon's past Rangers seeing as he was sealed up for the entirety of the Zordon Era.

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