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The Shadow World

The Ghost Psyma Hell


The Key of the entrance

The Ghost Psyma Hell (幽魔地獄 サイマ Yūma Jigoku Saima) it is a place for life after death for the Psyma Beasts that were killed by GoGoFive.


It is a lifeless desert world where the Psyma Beasts that were defeated in battle are sent, where it becomes Psyma Ghosts (幽魔サイマ Yūma Saima) and act as mindless zombies that attack everything that they see. His only entrance is a red door with a flames design located in a chamber in the Psyma Paradico, guarded by the sorcerer and gatekeeper Psyma Chaos, while the only key to this world is saved by Spell-Master Pierre.

After being disowned by Grandiene, Salamandes, in an attempt to recover the favor of her, asks Pierre for the key to the door of hell, despite the warnings of this over the place, then meets Chaos at the door and asks help in a plan to catch the GoGoFive in Hell. Chaos attacks the city to attract GoGoFive and manages to transport them there, after Salamdes got rid of the door to the world of live, Chaos invokes all the Psyma beasts that were defeated by GoGoFive to attack them and steal their bodies so they can be reborn. As their weapons had no effect on the dead monsters, the GoGoFives had to destroy Chaos's magic baton, which caused him to lose control over them and having them attack him and Salamandes, forcing both to flee, but Grandiene destroy the door and the key to the entrance, leaving both to their own fate and GoGoFive stuck there.

With the help of their mother's spirit, the GoGoFive were able to find another way to get out through a green mirror inside a cave. However, three dead Psyma Beasts followed them and resurrected as giant ghosts again. Even though they were stronger than ever in their resurrection state, the GogoFive managed to defeat them for the second time with Max Nova. Later, with the help of Pierre, Salamandes also manages to escape along with Chaos after having absorbed all the dead Psyma Beasts in order to transform into Ghost King Salamandes to escape.


  • Some of the dead Psyma Beasts that inhabit the place still retain golem forms after they were defeated in battle as Golem Psyma Beasts.

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