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Ghost Canth (ゴーストカンス Gōsutokansu, 25-26) is a Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, assisting Mason and Meltzer


A ghost-themed Mecha-Gigan with a projector that creates ghostly images, either smaller images such as ghosts and other supernatural creatures during its initial battle, then emissions of the "ghosts" of defeated Mecha-Gigan during its final battle. For combat it has an electric rod for the left hand.


Ghost Canth is sent out by Doctor Man to create ghostly illusions to battle Bioman as he tries to reach out to Shuichi Kageyama, his actual son, in hopes of having him join him as his new Gear commander. During the first battle, the Bioman don't know how the illusions are created until Green2 uses his Super-Electron Scope to find Ghost Canth and forces them to try and take down the giant, only for it to escape.

During the second battle, Bioman has an easier time dealing with the Mecha-Gigan's apparitions when they attack a warehouse that revealed to Shuichi his father's transformation into Doctor Man. When they fight the giant, it creates illusions of defeated Mecha-Gigan in hopes of confusing and hurting them, only for the team to use a Super Flash of their Super Maser to eliminate the illusions and ultimately finishing the Mecha-Gigan off with Straight Flash.



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