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The Gestalt Hades Beastman Chimera (合体冥獣人キマイラ Gattai Meijūjin Kimaira, 33-34) is a product of a forbidden spell cast by Sorcery Priest Meemy using the energy stolen from Travelion as booster to manipulate life, fusing the spirits of the fallen Hades Beasts and Beastmen that were sealed away by Heavenly Saint Blagel within Infershia's Lost Graveyard of Hatred into one entity.

Character History


Chimera's creation

Meemy stated that the monster had a thousand abilities and a thousand eyes and referred to it as the most powerful Hades Beastman, possessing their undying malice and thus had an obsession with fighting and killing. After defeating Hikaru and Lunagel in the Marudeyona World that Meemy created the beast in, the Chimera helped Wolzard capture the rangers and later revealed Wolzard's true identity. Meemy sicced the Chimera on the Rangers after escaping to the surface realm, with the monster killed by SaintKaiser.


Chimera had three talking faces and they are its main vampire-like face (which also had a small vampire bat-like face on top of it, which actually appears to be its tail biting its head), a chameleon woman-like face on it's right shoulder, and a bull face on it's left shoulder. Chimera also has Troll's left arm with claws on its fingers, Peewee's feathers, Cockatrice's feet where it has two toes instead of three toes, a lobster-like face on its neck, a lion-like face on its chest, and an eastern dragon head for a right arm.


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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


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