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Geran (ゲラン Geran) is one of two Space Beasts created from the creature Jangeran to serve the Great Star League Gozma alongside Jan

Character History

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The other of two Space Beasts created from Jangeran; it is white in color yet uses fireball attacks from his mouth that can burn anyone touched by it.

After the death of his partner Jan, Geran is used by the Gozma in a plan to raise a platoon of eggs with it's fire in order to hatch one into a more powerful Jangeran. Unfortunately the plan becomes in doubt with Gator's own worries about his family due to the events of losing the trust of Zoori and Warajii and choosing to stick with the Gozma regardless of their crisis, unknowing of his wife's pregnancy for their second child. After Gator discovers about being a father again, he abandons the egg maintenance and defects from the Gozma, leading to Geran to attack him and the Changeman to defend. Ultimately destroyed by the Changeman with the Power Bazooka, then with the Dengeki-ken after Gyodai rebuilds him.Ep. 51: Nana!! Tell Him!


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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